The Violin

It was late, way later than Noodle should have been up, when she heard the violin. She wasn’t up that late on purpose, even though there were a few times when she’d snuck up and tried to stay up way past her bedtime. Russ always caught her, though, and scolded her, and made her go to bed. But she’d been good tonight and had gone to bed at 9:30 without too much of a fuss, and had just woken up now, at 1:15, because she was very thirsty. She had crept to the kitchen, past the gentle snoring sounds coming from Russ’ room, and had just drank up a glass of strawberry Quik and was about to go to bed when she heard it.

It was very lovely. Strong and delicate all at once. Curious, Noodle quietly rinsed off her Squirtle mug and put it in the dishwasher (unlike Murdoc and 2-D, who always seemed to leave their dirty dishes in the sink for someone else) and silently crept after the sound. Continue reading “The Violin” »


The Bajeebus Outta Me

Somewhere in the Land of Ooo…

“Haha, yeah!” a joyful boy exclaims around a leap over some giant mushrooms. The night air is a little chilly on his naked arms, and he vaguely wishes that he had worn longer sleeves. But this is the only time he can be here; these are special mushrooms that only appear at night. “I bet the tops of those things are bounce-a-rific!”

“You bet they are, dude!” his stretchy canine companion assures him as the two of them jump mushroom top to mushroom top until, finally, they are on the largest mushroom in the patch. “Ready, Finn?” Continue reading “The Bajeebus Outta Me” »


Days of a Took

Belladonna Took sighed as she awaited the arrival of Gandalf, the Wizard with the long beard and blue robes. She knew it would be her last adventure before she became a Baggins, as Mr. Bungo Baggins had already proposed. ‘It’s not fair!’ She pouted silently, her mother Bella had patted her daughter on the back and tried to comfort her.

Her Father, Walden Took was having a celebration in the honor of Belladonna’s engagement and had invited Gandalf in order to provide a certain entertainment. To Belladonna’s surprise he had accepted and would make his appearance any time now. “Only to tell stories. Not bring you along on another adventure.” Belladonna frowned, as she watched her mother’s friends speak quietly about the Took family. Continue reading “Days of a Took” »


No Regrets

Such a failure I am. Only out of pity did they allow me to go to Valinor. You see, I am Frodo Baggins, called the Ringbearer by many. I was entrusted with the task of bringing Sauron’s One Ring to Mount Doom to destroy it. Sounds easy enough, but as I said, I failed miserably. The only thing that saved us all was Gollum, the pathetic creature he is. It’s sad to think that when it came down to it, he was the one to save Middle Earth and not I. Valinor has not helped my spirits any, rather it has brought me to an emotional low. Seeing everyone else happy only makes me realize my own pain even more.

“If only I had one more chance,” I thought to myself. “I know I wouldn’t fail.” Continue reading “No Regrets” »


Cover Up

After James and Lily graduated from Hogwarts, he had a hard time finding a job. His graduating class had been exceptionally talented, and while he and Lily were doin their thing, other students had applied for jobs. All the good wizarding jobs had already been taken by the time James started looking.

Fortunately, Lily had a connection in the Ministry who had been a Gryffindor at Hogwarts and graduated 2 years earlier. She set up an interview for James with Cornelius Fudge.

Cornelius told him there was very little that he could do. The only thing he could think of was some kind of special assignment for James. Continue reading “Cover Up” »


Niaga, Erised

“Harry, are you all right? You’ve not been acting like yourself today.”

“Yeah, I’m fine, Hermione. Why don’t the two of you go ahead and I’ll catch up?” Ron and Hermione looked at him curiously then headed off down the hall, commenting on how they had enjoyed the feast, how Hagrid’s pumpkins had been bigger than ever before. Harry watched them go. The truth was, he hadn’t been feeling normal today. He’d had a sense of something, just beyond him, that was going to happen.

“Like when I’m about to catch the Snitch, maybe,” he said to himself. He shook himself and headed onwards. Continue reading “Niaga, Erised” »


Just Beneath

“C’mon, I think I see something over there!” said Jaune Arc, new student at Beacon and partner of Pyrrha Nikos.

Said partner was strolling, almost insouciantly, just behind him. As Pyrrha followed her partner through the bush towards whatever he saw, she took a few moments to examine him. On the surface, it made no sense for an exemplar of Huntresses-in-training to go out of her way to partner with a boy like Jaune Arc.

He was clumsy, awkward, and just all around goofy. There wasn’t anything about him that could be taken even remotely seriously. Continue reading “Just Beneath” »



The days had started out as most days at Beacon did, it seemed: beautifully. Somewhere around the middle of morning classes, however, dark storm clouds had started to swirl in the distance, and students had heard the faint, ominous rumble of thunder, the threat of a storm. No one had paid it much mind at the time; the darkness had still been some distance away.

Then afternoon break had kicked in once morning classes were completed, and Pyrrha Nikos now found herself watching as sheet upon sheet of rain pelted the school grounds. Judging by the continuing growl of thunder and the occasional flash of lightning, the storm wouldn’t be clearing any time soon.

To be honest, as ugly as the weather was, Pyrrha was a bit relieved to see that even a storm could hit Beacon. The school was by and large the best place to go if one aspired to continue her education to become a Huntress, and it was certainly a very beautiful place, well above the rest of the city most of the students called home. But it also seemed, at first glance, almost untouchable, abnormal. It had made her skin prickle just a bit, during her first days there. Continue reading “Rain” »



The first time the boy saw one, the air was crackling with the anticipation of a storm.

He liked to lie around on those days, watching the sky get darker and darker until his mother came out shouting for him to come back—because she knew he’d stay out in the rain all day and night if she didn’t. He liked the feel of it, the way it tingled in his spine and made the air thicker. He knew of course, that the sky was going to break, crack open like an egg and flash brightly; dragging the sound of thunder behind it. He liked it, liked knowing it. And it confused his parents to no end. Little kids were supposed to be scared of storms but there he was, their strange boy on his back by the side of the road, stretching himself out as long as his little limbs would go, and watching the skies get darker, and darker. No one knew what to make of him. No one human, anyway; the farm dogs understood him just fine, lounging out next to him with their tongues lolling in an equal state of ease. Somehow that worried people more. Continue reading “Lightning” »