The Choice

The celebration on the Ark was to be a short-lived one. The Autobots, with help from the United Earth Government, had managed to clear the Earth from the invading forces of the Decepticons. When the news arrived that Megatron had conquered Cybertron filled Optimus Prime with dread.

“Prime!” Blaster, the Autobot Communications Officer, called to his leader. “We’ve got a transmission from the refugee convoy coming from Cybertron!” Continue reading “The Choice” »


The Rose and the Mirror

Summary: Dreams come with a price, but Christine starts wondering when the price becomes too much…

A loud knock at her door at the Paris Opera.

“Christine – it’s Raoul here. I know you are in there because I can hear your wonderful singing,” came the familiar voice. Christine paused in the middle of her song and tensed. There was no sound from her Angel, yet she could feel a furious silence radiating from the mirror that covered a whole wall of her modest dressing room. With a nervous glance at the mirror she moved to the door, trying to act casually, fighting not to show her delight at seeing her childhood friend. Continue reading “The Rose and the Mirror” »


Completion of Souls

He could hear them, the voices; they haunted him day and night, night and day.
His entire life was based on what they told him, yet he never really listened.
He was beyond caring, beyond wondering, beyond hope, and beyond life. They
couldn’t understand, sure they sent him here, and they feed him, but they didn’t
know. They didn’t understand. He was sure of that. Continue reading “Completion of Souls” »


The Decision

Lorelai sat absently staring at the blank screen on the TV. How was she going to tell Rory? What was Rory going to say? She didn’t think it would happen. She just wanted to see if she could get it and she did. She couldn’t make this decision alone. She got up slowly looking around, did she really want to do this.
Lorelai stood at the front of Rory’s bed watching her. Her daughter was her life. Everything revolved around her. She had to make the right decision for Rory’s sake. Continue reading “The Decision” »


Certainty of Ends

Derek Morgan pondered the twist of crappy fate that led him to be the suspect in a child’s murder. Didn’t they understand? He wouldn’t do something like that. He couldn’t do something like that.

Gordinsky was a piece of crap police officer who did the least amount of police work to make the most of his position. He couldn’t care less who killed those boys. Probably didn’t care until Morgan had showed up, convenient as hell, and provided the asshole with a suspect and scapegoat. Continue reading “Certainty of Ends” »