A Mercenary’s Desire

Raven tapped his fingers on the sheath of his sword as he looked around him once more. There were four mages to the right and a general to the left. He sighed. “The tactician left me here with a few pathetic enemies for what reason?” He got into a fighting stance when one of the mages advanced toward him. “At this rate, I’m going to be bored out of my mind. There isn’t anything here to challenge my skills at all.” He got ready to swing his sword at the mage when he realized the mage wasn’t heading toward him. He sighed. “It’ll be even more boring if they don’t even aim at… at…”

He stopped talking, eyes widened, when he realized where the mage was headed. “Wha-! Lucius! What the devil are you doing here?!?”

The monk looked up. “L-lord Raymond!” He turned back to the mage and dodged the vortex of Elfire just in time. Then he attempted to kill the mage with his Shine, but unfortunately wasn’t strong enough to do more than a little damage. Luckily, the enemy lost interest in him when Eliwood pranced into view.

Raven ran over to Lucius. “Why are you here? You could have been hurt.”

Lucius smiled at the mercenary. “Well… I didn’t think too much would happen; Matthew is armed with a Longsword and has Uhai cornered, so we won’t have to stay in battle much longer. I was checking to make sure you were okay.”

“Okay? I’m fine by myself. These enemies are but a dent on my sword.” Raven rubbed the many dents on his Steel Sword to prove it.

Lucius laughed and fingered his blood-splattered spell book. “That’s not what I meant. Fiora reported that you looked a little bored, so… I came here to… er…” he hesitated, trying to find the right word to explain.

“To keep me company so I don’t end up quitting?” Raven asked. Lucius nodded.

Out of nowhere, a Javelin came flying, stabbing Lucius in the shoulder. Lucius winced in pain. Raven turned around, facing the general from before. “You-!”

Raven flipped angrily into the air and smashed the general’s helmet. Just to vent out the rest of his anger, he kicked at the corpse a couple of times to, uh… make sure the enemy was staying down. When he was sure it wasn’t going to happen again, he took the axe that the general had dropped and ran to Lucius.

“Lucius! Lucius, are you alright?” he glanced at the wound and pulled the Javelin out. He was saddened to see small tears forming in those familiar sapphire eyes. “It hurts that much, huh?” he asked gently. He pulled out a vulnerary from his pack and gave it to Lucius. The monk nodded in thanks, accepting the bottle, and unbuttoned his gown. He dumped some of the plant into his hand, mashed it, and rubbed it on the cut. (not sure how real vulneraries work, but I do know they are made from plants XD;;;)

Raven jumped and quickly looked away. “You should have told me you were going to do that…”

Lucius, halfway to buttoning back his gown, looked confused. “Why? That’s how I normally use vulneraries…”

“……” Raven remained silent for a while. “Lucius… you’ve never had do apply vulneraries to anywhere but your arms and face, so how would I know…?”

Lucius got stuck on a button. “Lord Raymond…! Help me… my button got stuck…”

Raven turned toward Lucius again, this time keeping his face toward the ground. He felt around until he found the troubled button. He fumbled with it for a few seconds, finally fitting it into the buttonhole. Lucius smiled again. “Thanks. I always had a little trouble on that- ” Lucius paused, noticing that Raven still hadn’t let go of the material. “Um, Lord Raymond? You can let go now…”

Raven still did not let go; instead, he asked, “Lucius… do you know why I asked to take my own sister as my bride?” When Lucius didn’t answer, he continued. “Well… I knew she was the only woman I would ever… you know…” He paused, then peered up at Lucius, who wore a blank expression.

The monk noted with confusion that the young mercenary’s face was shaded a tone redder than it should have been. “The only woman you would ever… what?”

Raven sighed, his eyebrows drawing together, and he looked away. “Well, just to put it simply…” he took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “… I’m not straight.”

Lucius raised an eyebrow. “Why…!” He jumped when Raven started unbuttoning his gown again. “L-lord Raymond…”

Raven traced his finger over Lucius’s now exposed chest. “When you told me to get married so that there would be someone to stay at home, I thought of you… and my heart shattered when you told me you wanted to travel with me. It was an obvious sign that you are not a candidate…” Raven smiled sadly.

“Lord Raymond, I meant- ”

Raven placed his head over his friend’s heart, listening to the soft pounding. “Promise me, Lucius… promise me that you’ll deliver this prize to someone worthy, someone who will make your life happier. Someone who will return your love. I do not want your heart to be shattered as mine was…” Raven lifted his head so that he was looking directly into those sapphire orbs, draping an arm around the soft neck and fingering the long, golden hair with the other. “… Do you understand?”

Lucius smiled. “Don’t worry, Lord Raymond… I am certain my affections will be returned.”

The monk draped his own arms around his friend’s shoulders and planted a gentle kiss on the other’s lips.

10 thoughts on “A Mercenary’s Desire

  1. SitDog-Boy says:

    I’ve read this fic a few times through to remind myself of the scene. Usually I don’t play chapter 18 but I know enough because I planned the first few playthrough before my sister took over. I had no idea where you got the idea that Lucius was weak… Even though anima magic beats light magic… and all magic users are weak to Physical attacks and low on defense and health… Will you please clear up on this little confusing thing? And one more thing… The weapons in this story is a little off… At least in my various playthroughs as to so far into the game The enemy mages only has fire and thunder tombs. And for Lucius there was only the tomb of Lightening at this point… Chapter 20 is where the first Shine tomb was obtained… Elfire I believe was brought in to our inventory as Pent joins in chapter 22. Then we can buy it in Chapter 24 or 27 with Shine as well. I’m not trying to be such a know it all but I just need to ask because I was confused.

  2. HikarinoTenshi says:

    wow! yay! i like yaoi… especially between raven and lucius heh heh! actually im writing a fic myself with various pairings and raven and lucius are one of the many! i love RavenLucius! its just something that kinda happens no matter what you want… like HectorLyn and EliwoodNinian and ErkSerra and stuff! anyway if you didnt already you should write an epilogue!

  3. Pumpernickel says:

    heya scarabsi! you’re right…the ‘pranced’ thing was kind of… scary…

    and youen probably will kill you. won’t you youen? meanwhile, gaia and i will just sit in the background going ‘er’.

    but cool story anyways. ;

  4. RobanCrowv says:


    That is just SO CUTE!

    You MUST write an epilogue!

    Heh, sorry…getting in a bit over my head there…

    There are a severe shortage of RavenxLucius fics…

    …along with KentxSain, MatthewxGuy, RathxWil, and LegaultxHeath fics. *cries*

    Heh, I am working to fix that, but…

    …I have writer’s block. T_T

    Anyways, you ROCK and so does your story!

    Please continue! Please? *puppy face*

    …Die Renault. *kicks Renault for Scarabsi*

  5. Sharyn says:

    LOL! I want you to continue. _ Raven and Lucius are so cute together. Cuteness… and fluffy. oO At least Raven isn’t bored anymore! Ah yes… I would like it if you wrote an epilogue (but maybe that’s just me *ducks the tomatoes and other various objects thrown at her*). _)) I loved it. Good job, for your first Fire Emblem fic. I should write one… hm…

  6. Calum the Angel says:

    I WUV THIS! *glomps you* YOU ROCK! THIS IS THE FIRST INTIMATE RAVEN/LUCIUS FIC I’VE EVER FOUND! I came from the Yu-Gi-Oh section as well, and with the 900 reviews I have left there, I have found that the yaoi-lovers are the majority.,. but there are many narrow-headed people around the Fire Emblem section who flame it.
    This is a really lovely fic! I really do hope you write more! Honestly! I cannot express in words how much I love this fic! *checks all three boxes at the bottom of the review box* _

  7. redstars-x says:

    *glomps Scarabsi*
    Yay, Raven/Lucius! I LOVE YOU!
    Jazz: Get off the nice author, Crystal.
    Eheheh…sorry. P
    (this message comes from the insane girl who had to ride her bike around the block after hugging the compute because someone wrote a fanfic with her favorote FE couple…)_

  8. Inferno-Hero says:

    Sarah: Ah! Finally! More shounen-ai in the FE section!
    Sasha: No thanks to you, Sarah.
    Sarah: *ignores muse* And RavenLucius too! Yay! You should do a lil’ epilogue. Yes, yes. (Politely ignoring the fact that there are no mages with Elfire or generals in the chapter Uhai is in.) After all, it’s just a little fluff! Who cares where it takes place? Keep on going, go as your heart tells you!

  9. TheBoredOne XIII says:

    ! How did I not find this before? I love the RavenxLucius pairing…I’m such a yaoi fan. This was so cute! It definately needs an epilogue! Please continue this one! Heheh, RavenxLucius is so obvious in FE

  10. Jang says:

    *snicker* Sorry, I just got a vision of Eliwood prancing. *snort, snort* He looks like the prancing type, doesn’t he?
    Well done, by the way. I’m not very far in the game either, but…Raven did what? I’ll never look at that man the same way again… -_-‘ Hehe, Lucius’s button got stuck. Cute. .

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