A Thousand and One Love Letters (Chapter 2: There goes the rumor mill…)

“Have you heard?” The blonde waitress nudged her co-worker.

“Heard what?” The brunette turned to look at the blonde

The blonde looked surprised. “You mean, you haven’t?! Amelia, it’s the talk of the wizarding world.”

“Oh come on Idania, spill. You know I don’t like to be the last to know.” Amelia shot her friend an irritated look.

“Well,” Idania took a deep breath before continuing. “Harry Potter has got himself a girlfriend.”

Amelia’s hand flew to her mouth. “No way! You’ve got to be kidding.”

“Of course not. You know I wouldn’t lie about stuff like this.” She crossed her arms in front of her.

“Do you know who the lucky woman is?” Amelia leaned forward, eager to know the juiciest news.

Idania’s smile widened, she liked to know everything before everyone else. “Hermione Granger.”

Her eyes widened at the revelation. “Get outta here! Hermione Granger?”

“The one and the only.” Idania grinned.

“Dear Lord, bless that woman! She found the cure for one of the worst diseases in the wizarding world. I mean, she practically saved my mother with that cure. Is she really?”

Idania nodded. “I heard, they were best friends and it just went from there. Isn’t that sweet?”

“Definitely. I can’t believe he already has a girlfriend….” The conversation faded as the two waitresses entered the kitchens.


Gabbie smiled to herself. ‘Well, that worked. Time for Plan B.’

Her smile widened as she walked down the cobblestone path in Diagon Alley. She stopped every now & then to buy some things for Plan B, the wide grin never leaving her face.

She arrived at the manor in less that two hours. (which is very short, if you are a woman and you’re shopping.) Different sorts of packages in both hands. “Oh Hermione! Where are you?” Gabbie called.

Ginny poked her head out from the kitchen. “Not here. She’s still in the office.”

“Damn!” Gabbie’s face fell. “Did she tell you what time she’ll be home?”

“Nope, sorry. What you got here?” Ginny went to where Gabbie was standing.

She had her wide grin again. “Something for Plan B.”

“Plan B?” Ginny stopped peeking at the packages. “You mean, you’ve finished Plan A already?! That was fast.”

“Well, you know… rumor spreads like the common cold. Fast and hard to cure.”

Ginny grinned and held out her hand. “Well then, I commend you Gabrielle Shanton for the good execution of the plan.”

“Thank you very much, Virginia Weasley.” Gabrielle took the proffered hand.

And they both burst out laughing.


“Are you sure about this?” Hermione adjusted the skirt she was wearing.

“I’m not a fashion expert extraordinaire for nothing may I remind you, Miss Granger.” Gabbie tilted her head to the side. Gabbie was an up and coming fashion designer in the wizarding world. And she’d been getting a lot of positive raves from the top fashionistas around.

Hermione flashed Gabbie a smile. After all, she couldn’t argue with her, Gabbie really has a good fashion sense. The dress she was wearing was a Muggle cocktail dress. Muggle clothing was quite the fad in the wizarding world, despite protests from some people. But the designers, especially the avant-garde ones, decided to pursue designing Muggle clothing. And Gabbie was one of them.

Hermione sighed. The dress was really beautiful but she wasn’t really comfortable wearing these dresses. She’s usually in office attire, other than that, she was the shirt and jeans kind.

Gabbie finished tying the bow on Hermione’s right shoulder. “Now, do a 360 for me.”

“A what?” Hermione looked confused.

“Darlin’, a 360 is when I want you to do a little spin for me. I want to see how the dress fits you.”

Hermione did a turn and Gabbie just clapped in glee. The dress is a black halter-top dress with some delicate embroidery at the hem. Then a smocked detailing at the neckline forming a gentle ruffle around the bodice and the halter ties in a bow on the right shoulder.

“Really, Herm, you should model for me in my next fashion show.” Gabbie sat on Hermione’s bed.

Hermione cocked an eyebrow. “Me? Are you on drugs or something?”

“Drugs?! Are you crazy?” Gabbie stood up.

“Well, you are crazy. Asking me to model. Honestly. And stop calling me Herm.” Hermione snorted.

“Whatever. But you do look fantastic. And I’ll give you sometime to think about my proposal.” Gabbie winked and handed Hermione the matching handbag. “Now, let’s just stop our conversation here. Your lover boy is waiting downstairs.”

“Tell me again why did agree on doing this?” Hermione stuck her lower lip out.

Gabbie stopped walking, and faced Hermione. “Because, it’s your plan silly! Remember? It’s quite simple… we’re going to get him a girlfriend. Now, we got him one. And would you just stop that, it’s ruining your make-up.”

“Fine, it’s my fault. But this? Do I really have to do this?” Hermione gestured to her hair and dress.

Gabbie sighed. “Of course. No one would believe if it’s just rumors. Rumors die down eventually, you know. They need to see, to believe. Plus, you promised to help Harry.”

“Oh alright! You win!” Hermione held up her hands in surrender.

Gabbie flashed her wide grin. “Now, let’s go to Harry.”


“What’s taking them so long?” Harry paced the living room for the zillionth time that night.

“Hey! Could you just sit down for a while? I’m beginning to get dizzy from all your pacing.” Andy shifted in his seat, they’d been waiting for 2 hours now and Hermione still hadn’t come down.

Ron came out of the kitchen carrying a glass of orange juice in one hand. “You know, Andy is right. Walking around the living room will just wrinkle your suit.”

“I’m done with the reservation. They got you the table with the best view.” Ginny emerged from the study.

Ron nodded. “Good, good. Now, we wait for Hermione.”

“Ginny, stop smiling like that.” Harry shot her an irritated look.

“What? I’m not doing anything.” Ginny continued her I-know-something-you-don’t-know smile.

Ron turned to look at his sister. “What do you know?”

Ginny switched to an innocent expression. “Sorry, I don’t know anything.”

“Oh come on, Gin. You know something, it’s practically written all over your

face —” Andy was cut off by Harry’s sharp intake of air. He turned to look at what Harry is looking, no… staring at. And his jaw promptly fell.

“Hermione…” Harry breathed. This was more than the surprise that Harry got from Hermione since the Yule Ball in fourth year. Hermione’s hair fell around her shoulders, framing her face. The soft curls made Harry want to run his hands through her hair. And the dress, perfect. In short, she looked stunning.

Gabbie’s laugh cut Harry’s reverie.

“Andy, you could close your mouth now. You too, Ron.” Gabrielle laughed again. “Well, what do you think of my masterpiece?”

“Harry, after you finished dating Hermione… could I date her?” Andy pointed at Hermione.

“Andy! What are you talking about?” Hermione glared at him.

“What? Can’t I date a gorgeous woman?” Andy grinned.

Ginny slapped Andy’s arm playfully. “Stop flirting with her. She’s Harry’s girlfriend now, remember?”

“Whatever.” Andy snorted.

Ron walked over to Hermione. “You look amazing!”

“Thank you.” she smiled shyly. “Harry?” Hermione moved forward.

Harry cleared his throat. “I… I don’t know what to say. You look wonderful.”

Hermione felt color rising to her cheeks, but said nothing.

Harry turned to look at their housemates. “Well, we best go on our way now. Wish us luck!”

“Good luck!” they chorused.

Harry grinned and offered his arm, which Hermione gladly took. With one last look on their housemates, they promptly disapparated.


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