At the Deepest of Desires

When I say my wish …

Once again Chara had landed here. At the cave, thousands of small stones sparkling, like stars. Quietly you could hear the waterfall rushing. It was fresh here, but she could not feel the cold for a long time. She walked cautiously and silently through the great cave. There lay the Tutu, which the last man left behind in Waterfall. Chara had seen the girl fight, had seen it hopelessly to lose Undyne, had seen it die. Six souls had seen them escaping from the dead bodies, none of them strong enough to survive, as well as they themselves did not.

… then you must promise me that you are not laughing.

Only a few monsters had met her after her death and none of them had been able to see her. The monsters had become frightened and many of them retreated, but they could not really be blamed, some of the people had been brutal, even killed, and Chara could not help the monsters. Even as a person, she could not save anyone and now that she was a spirit she would never be able to do it again.

But it is a stupid desire.

Slowly the child crossed the footbridge, near the water. Chara had forgotten how long she had already led the existence of a restless soul. Time had become something indistinct. She did not know how long she’d walk around the waterfall, she’d forgotten. She was not even in the castle after she had died, for she had seen her mother Toriel. She had heard what she had said to a child, what she had said about her father. Chara did not want to see Asgore, Asgore had the six human life on his conscience.

Do not say that! I promise not to let you go.

Chara had to smile a little when she saw the first of them. The echoblumes. Chara closed her eyes and walked past a flower. “A long time ago the monsters whispered to their wishes to the stars in the sky.” Chara swallowed, she knew who had said that to her in the past. Still, she thought back to this evening, that evening when they both still lived, where Asriel was still alive. “If one hoped with all hearts,” Asriel had said, “then his dream was.” Once again Chara saw him pointing upwards. “Now we have only those many bright stones on the ceiling.” Slowly she went on this way she also went with him.

One day I would like to climb the mountain under which we are all trapped.

The water suddenly became bright as if it were made of light like the many flowers. In the bush beside her lay the ballet shoe, until the girl had done it before she was overwhelmed by Undyne. Sighing, Chara looked at an echoblume. She loved these plants almost as much as the golden flowers, so many memories were attached to these simple plants. “Some day the angel will come and free us.” A tear ran down unseen the cheek of the ghost girl. “Some day I’ll see the stars with you, the real ones.” Chara dropped to the ground.

I want to be up there and see the sky.

She pointed her ears, searching for other conversations, instead she heard a dull sound. A snoring echoed softly through Waterfall. Chara was trembling, never had she heard anything disturb the silence of Waterfall. Something twitched into her, it was a strange feeling. Was she really scared? The water rustled softly, and Chara said a little melody to be heard. She began to grow softly, got up, and ran off. Slowly, she pushed the fear out of her heart as she approached the origin of the noise. A dark figure lay on the ground. Charas hummed as she approached. On closer inspection, she could see that it was a skeleton that was deeply wrapped in a winter jacket. The skeleton trembled and muttered something unintelligible.

I want to see him with you.

Somehow Chara felt compassion with the sleeping man, who obviously had a nightmare. She thought back to the time when she shared a room with Asriel, sometimes he too had dreamed badly, then Chara had sneaked to him, gently caressed him and sang a song. Chara did not know why, but even now she began to sing and after a long time heard her own voice:

“Can you see the golden flowers?

As they stand on the meadow here.

Look how they radiate in the sun.

How they paint a smile in your face.

So many flowers grow here,
but the golden ones I only share with you.

I have always asked myself …

Have I ever told you?

When the flowers die?

Do we want to leave these earths?

So many flowers grow here,
but the golden ones I only share with you. ”

The skeleton breathed more quietly but suddenly it turned around. Two white dots stared at Chara, who suddenly fell silent.

Hey you promised not to laugh!

They stopped for a moment, and Chara did not dare to move. The skeleton shook his head confused, muttered something about him again and straightened up. The doorbell rang, the short-sleeved man rummaged a cell phone out of his pocket and ran. “Hello here is Sans … Oh hey Bro! How are you? No, I’m not at work … I’ll take a break … Jap at Grillby’s. “He sighed and continued to say,” Yeah, I’ll come to the station … Yeah, I hurry. Papyrus? You should not be so bruised on the bones. “He laughed as his caller simply hung up. Scattered, he began to humus Chara’s melody and seemed almost as confused as Chara. What did that mean? Could he hear them?

Sorry, Asriel.

Sans the skeleton looked at his phone again. “Crap so late?” He concluded. “I have to hurry man falls immediately!” Chara’s eyes widened. The human being? Would anyone fall down? And the biggest question: How did Sans know that? “Let’s go,” Sans muttered, adding, “Hopefully, I do not have to break my promise this time.” “Good luck!”, Chara suddenly shouted, the skeleton turned frightened and looked directly at him before he disappeared.

It’s just so funny.

Then she was alone in the desire of Waterfall, there she stood. It was not that she had never been left alone, quite the opposite, she had experienced it so often. But this time she felt as alone as never before. Slowly, tears ran down her cheeks. Where was Asriel? Why could not he be with her? A sobbing came from her throat, then another, and another. Why had not you stayed? She was to blame for his death. She only wanted to fulfill her, the hopes and dreams of the monsters! That was the reason why they had designed this plan. She wanted to make Asriel’s wish. She wanted to be with him on the mountain and see the sky.

That is also my wish.

Slowly, Chara went on purposefully and had once more Asriel’s words in his head as he told her that the monsters here pronounced their greatest desires, hoping that they were fulfilled. Chara had gone to an echobloume, once again tears ran out of her eyes as she barely said, “I’m sorry Asriel. I wish I was the angel. I wish I could save you all! “Then she left Waterfall and headed for the ruins to the man who would fall down and help them save the monsters.

I promise you, Asriel, I will even sacrifice my life to fulfill it.

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