Joining Forces

Mizuna rolled her eyes as yet another warrior flew over her mansion. Lightning flashed in the background forebodingly and lit up her porcelain face and royal blue hair. The light passed and now only her sapphire blue eyes could be seen as she stared out the large bay window of her house.

“Stupid hawks… I knew there was a reason I never liked birds!” Another set of eyes appeared in the room, they were a molten gold hue and flashed with anger at the thought of Thanagarians. “Why aren’t the lights on Mizuna? I swear, sometimes you can be so… so, dark!” Continue reading “Joining Forces” »


A Life For a Life

David Smucks was an average nineteen year old leaving in Townsville. He was an honor roll student in high school and now a promising student in college. He loved fantasy and was fascinated by the old honor code of warriors. David lived in one of the apartments located at the very heart of Townsville with his parents, Roger and Jean Smucks. David picked up his back pack from the hall and was preparing to get ready to leave for school. Continue reading “A Life For a Life” »


Stan The Man Won’t Be A Powerpuff Fan

Stan had a master plan for his friend Dan the man. Stan was an avid Powerpuff Fan. Dan the man despised the three little girls and wouldn’t be a Powerpuff Fan. But Stan was determined to go through with his plan. By the end off the week, he was gonna make Dan a Powerpuff Fan.
Once upon a time Stan, Dan’s annoying neighbor next door, was watching the Powerpuff Girls with the tv on full blast. Dan rushed over to Stan’s door fast and knocked on it. Stan opened the door,” Continue reading “Stan The Man Won’t Be A Powerpuff Fan” »



The boy watches the Hollow crumble into dust and ash, sways on his feet, and collapses to hit the ground face first. It looks painful, but Rukia has no breath to spare for unnecessary sympathies – he is alive and that is a miracle in itself.

She presses bloody fingers to the gash in her side and pushes herself to her feet to cross the distance between them. Looks down at him for a long moment before she is forced, having no sword to lean on now, to kneel down on the tarmac before she collapses in the same undignified manner he did. She surveys the damage – one damaged house, four unconscious mortals, all of them wounded. Continue reading “Pawn” »



She awoke slowly, languorously, savoring the feeling of her dream still curling around her conscious awareness, though she could barely remember what she’d been dreaming about at all. She was in no hurry. By something unexplainable – perhaps the sunlight, or the wind, or the tangible relaxed atmosphere in the room – she knew that there was nothing to worry about for the moment, duty-wise. Continue reading “Hyottoshite” »