A Moment of Peace

For the past how many weeks, there’s been that steady, constant moment of panic. Panic that Kilgrave might be around the corner, waiting for her. Or controlling other people to die in front of her to fuel her guilt. Or rage. Or fear. Or maybe those three altogether.

Jessica’s had her fair share of those ever since the moment she found out that Kilgrave was still alive and lying in wait for her. But nothing beats the panic attacks that she feels every time she sees Trish is hurt. Strangled by a big-bodied idiotic police officer. Thrown against the wall of her apartment by said idiot. Literally trying to shove a bullet into her head, no thanks to the asshole that ruined her sanity. Unable to breathe because of a goddamned red pill that she took just to protect her. Continue reading “A Moment of Peace” »


The Plan

As the six Aesir stood on the frozen ground of Jotunheim, surrounded by scores of enemies on all sides, all Loki could think was: He’s done it again.

Granted, this was not surprising. Loki’s big brother was not exactly known for his well-mannered behavior. Thor was famous for charging ahead impulsively, with great enthusiasm but very little consideration. If Loki hadn’t known that Thor never put any thought into these adventures, he might have believed that his brother purposefully rushed headlong into the most dangerous thing he could find. There had been almost five months without any trouble and all of Asgard had known that something was bound to happen. Loki only wished that it hadn’t involved him standing ankle-deep in ice surrounded by malicious giants. Continue reading “The Plan” »


The Lonely Star

The blood soaked black fields under the even more crimson sky, without a sun or a moon to illuminate it, were all that was left of the once beautiful green and luscious scenery with it’s flowers and animals and freshly trimmed grass. The forests towering trees were now nothing more than charred stilts hanging in the distance, some still burning (even parts of the field were burning), the sound of the ember chipping away at the wood (or the grass and other plants) was the only sound present other than faint and slow footsteps from a single figure that’d seemed to have survived the onslaught of swords clashing, arrows whizzing and magic bolting. Continue reading “The Lonely Star” »


Much Ado About Nothing

Ladybug scrunched her nose up in irritation as she looked down at the jumble of words on paper. How could anyone stand to just sit there and try to decipher them? Life was too short to try and make heads or tails of Shakespeare… in English no less! She had no idea how Adrien actually managed to enjoy reading these long, convoluted, old English plays for fun. Ladybug was having trouble just making it through a single passage. She had no idea how she was going to read and understand the entire play before her assignment was due. Continue reading “Much Ado About Nothing” »


Paradise Lost

Jem was still getting over his broken arm when we started talking about Tom Robinson and Mr. Ewell and what almost happened to us that night in the dark under the big oak. Before all that happened, Maycomb county had always seemed hotter and more colorful. Jem said that was just my being younger that made me think that way and when I got to be his age I’d understand better. I think he was just fooling though. He just didn’t want me to know that he was just as confused about it as I was. But then, he did have more experience with that sort of thing, what with Mother and everything. Continue reading “Paradise Lost” »