Afterlife Crisis

It all begins the day after the event in Los Angeles, the one where somebody (Fury still doesn’t know who) didn’t get all the footage of one Agent Phillip J. Coulson scrubbed off the Internet. The highlight of that particular morning is the part where Steve Rogers storms into headquarters demanding answers and sounding like he’s just lost his mind. Fury’s inclined to let the agents witnessing that spectacle to come to their own conclusions about Captain America’s sanity. Fury rides out the moment, finishing giving Hill and Sitwell their orders for the day before manhandling Rogers into his office, with Rogers spluttering like a fish out of water. Continue reading “Afterlife Crisis” »


So Far From All Our Dreams

After the screaming had stopped, they’d decided that staying in one room together was the best idea. Or well, Alicia had wanted to retreat to her room to process alone what had happened outside the front of their house (and then try calling Matt again), but had been told by her mother that staying together was the best idea. Alicia had thought to argue, but instead offered a deal – she would stay in the living room with them if her mom would tell her what the hell was going on. Continue reading “So Far From All Our Dreams” »


Duality: A Stardew Valley Story

The beer can silently slipped from her limp fingers and fell to the small pile of cans beneath it with a sharp metallic clang as the can joined it’s brethren on the filthy, soiled carpet surrounding the couch. With a snore that resembled the snorting of a pig than any noise from a human, Pam drifted off into another night of inebriated slumber in front of the blue-white glow of the television. With a sigh that only she heard, Penny stood up from her place at the table and moved as quietly as she could to her mother’s bloated side, tiny hands gripping at ruddy flesh as she slowly, gently moved her mother’s upright form into a prone one; making sure that she was turned on her side just for safe measure. Continue reading “Duality: A Stardew Valley Story” »


In the Shadow of a Star

Why had Vega been renamed “Kurasawa?” Why was the Paul Steed operating alone? Why was it operating in this star system when the chances of life developing in the glow of an A0V-type star was extremely remote, and ergo, unlikely to be the home system of the species that had been harrying everyone from privateers to merchant navy in the last year? Continue reading “In the Shadow of a Star” »


One Night At the NRRD convention

Marigold felt a degree of amusement as the brown haired young woman in the Totoro cap, ‘Yaoi Zone’ t-shirt and NERV bag lead Hannelore through the crowds. “The NRRD-con isn’t quite like a real anime con,” she told her conversationally, “there’s too much non-anime stuff going on. But I think this’ll help get your feet wet.”

Hannelore made a face, “I don’t want to get my feet wet.” As Marigold gave her a look Hannelore smiled, “Joking.” Continue reading “One Night At the NRRD convention” »


Truths and Lies


I live my life like most people nowadays do. One day at a time. It being 2022, everything is bland- almost too advanced for its own good. A good portion of these days I live are uneventful, always the same, uneventful and plain: I wake up, play video games, have bland conversations with my “sister”, and then mope around until I go to bed. Sometimes I’ll hang with my few friends, while other times I’ll just deal with my life and go though each day normally. Every so often, something new and interesting happens: I meet up with a friend online, move up in rankings online- always online.

Continue reading “Truths and Lies” »