Her Misery… His Tragedy

Dean was standing in the kitchen at Herd. He stared at the pan in the pancakes, which he wanted to make for breakfast. He had heard the cry of terror. He knew that they would be there right away, with him, that they would ask for an explanation. He did not have the slightest idea what to say. He stared at the pan. The grease splashed to the sides. He heard the doorways sound as if noiseless. Continue reading “Her Misery… His Tragedy” »


To Death We Go

“Clementine!” Ava cried, but the girl was nowhere to be seen. Her heart pounded painfully in her chest as she ran through the garden to look for her. She tried to persuade herself that all was well that Clem could not have happened, but her subconscious was not there. For too long she had been on the road.
We only play hiding places, she said to herself for the thousandth time, this is just a game. There is no danger! Continue reading “To Death We Go” »


* – * The First Date * – *

Meredith had an eventful day behind him, one might well say. She had a jerk and wanted to go out with Nathan, she hoped it was the right decision and she would not regret it. She did not know him well enough. Was he really a nice guy or was he like the other guys?

More importantly, it would be serious. It was a date. Nathan would want more, he had already suggested. Maggie did not know about it. She had to tell her soon what was the matter. In addition, Maggie had enough around her ears, since her mother was here again and was suffering from breast cancer and was even here. Continue reading “* – * The First Date * – *” »


Pirates of the Caribbean 6 – Dead Menʻs Return

Henry had described Carina’s support and addition to her entire search for the Dreizack. Will had been silent, and Elizabeth, too, seemed very eager to know what her son had done in his absence.

Silence filled the comfortable living room when Henry finished his story until Will broke the silence.
“I … I do not know how I can thank you both, Henry and Carina. I do not believe you can grasp how easily you have my life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. “Henry smiled. Continue reading “Pirates of the Caribbean 6 – Dead Menʻs Return” »


Back in the Snow

I am standing in front of one of the large windows in the living room. I see the sun rise slowly behind the trees and feel the first sunrays on my skin. I listen to the chirping of the first birds. I love how, at this time of the year, the trees and shrubs are shining in a green and the flowers in front of our house are blooming. Everything is so vibrant. Until now, it all suggests that this day, like the last one, would be a sunny, warm summer day. But today will not be an ordinary summer day for me. Today I will marry Alan. Continue reading “Back in the Snow” »


At the Deepest of Desires

When I say my wish …

Once again Chara had landed here. At the cave, thousands of small stones sparkling, like stars. Quietly you could hear the waterfall rushing. It was fresh here, but she could not feel the cold for a long time. She walked cautiously and silently through the great cave. There lay the Tutu, which the last man left behind in Waterfall. Chara had seen the girl fight, had seen it hopelessly to lose Undyne, had seen it die. Six souls had seen them escaping from the dead bodies, none of them strong enough to survive, as well as they themselves did not. Continue reading “At the Deepest of Desires” »