Truths and Lies


I live my life like most people nowadays do. One day at a time. It being 2022, everything is bland- almost too advanced for its own good. A good portion of these days I live are uneventful, always the same, uneventful and plain: I wake up, play video games, have bland conversations with my “sister”, and then mope around until I go to bed. Sometimes I’ll hang with my few friends, while other times I’ll just deal with my life and go though each day normally. Every so often, something new and interesting happens: I meet up with a friend online, move up in rankings online- always online.

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Dragon Slayer

In the street of the small town of Fairy Tail, a crowd gathered. Children, adolescents, adults; people of all ages stood around in a circle. In the center of this crowd, there was a fire-breather with bright pink hair, who wore a raggedy brown tunic, splattered with mud and covered with scratches. He was known as “Salamander”. He had the ability to spit out fire in all different shapes and sizes, using his magnificent flames to portray a story of a courageous knight defeating a vicious dragon. Continue reading “Dragon Slayer” »


There’s a Start

It is really warm today.

Scratching at his temple, the skin slightly dampened with sweat, Saitama stared at nothing in particular. It was mid afternoon, the tiny apartment was heated by the bright summer sunlight. Saitama laid on the wooden floor in nothing but a pair of shorts, among random things strewn around him. The air-conditioning for some reason was rather faulty that day, but Saitama could care less. He had gone through a lot worse during his 3-year training, and besides, Genos did not seem too affected by the extra heat. Continue reading “There’s a Start” »


Dog of the army

War was the worst invention made by humans. It involved a lot of needless deaths, horrific scenes of maimed people and terrified screams of those dying. Second lieutenant John Havoc did not like war. He didn’t mind being a soldier as long as there was no war. He rejected war and despised anyone who claimed to like it. And despite everything, he was now stuck in one. Continue reading “Dog of the army” »


After Death

Light is talking to Matsuda when he first feels it. A breath of air across the back of his neck and a premonitionary tingle in his fingers.

The hotel room that they are staying in– the investigators have gotten used to working in these anonymous rooms and Light allows them that comfort– is hot and closeted. The windows have all been shut and the drapes drawn. The investigators are all edgy. Ryuuzaki’s death is still heavy on them, and it shows in every hushed movement. Continue reading “After Death” »