After Death

Light is talking to Matsuda when he first feels it. A breath of air across the back of his neck and a premonitionary tingle in his fingers.

The hotel room that they are staying in– the investigators have gotten used to working in these anonymous rooms and Light allows them that comfort– is hot and closeted. The windows have all been shut and the drapes drawn. The investigators are all edgy. Ryuuzaki’s death is still heavy on them, and it shows in every hushed movement. Continue reading “After Death” »



It was a scene trapped in time: cherry blossoms adrift behind them as he posed for a shot with Keiko at the park in spring. He never saw that smile on her again, not after she had taken up the case. Of course, he had known the risks, but she had been one of the brightest in the ranks. He hadn’t counted on her being outwitted. Continue reading “Elegy” »