The Suffering of a Young Mechanic

“You really helped me a lot. Thank you, Wendy, “said the old lady, who just hugged the young mechanic.

Wendy smiled contentedly and returned the embrace. If their customers were satisfied, it was a very fulfilling feeling.

“I liked to do it. It will take some time for you to get used to your new leg prosthesis, “Wendy continued, looking at her finished work again. The old lady had scraped up all her savings to finally be able to afford a prosthesis. Although Wendy knew that she could not do her work for nothing, and that the woman had much too little money, she had given the woman a generous discount. It was probably because she reminded her of her own grandmother.

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There’s a Start

It is really warm today.

Scratching at his temple, the skin slightly dampened with sweat, Saitama stared at nothing in particular. It was mid afternoon, the tiny apartment was heated by the bright summer sunlight. Saitama laid on the wooden floor in nothing but a pair of shorts, among random things strewn around him. The air-conditioning for some reason was rather faulty that day, but Saitama could care less. He had gone through a lot worse during his 3-year training, and besides, Genos did not seem too affected by the extra heat. Continue reading “There’s a Start” »