The boy watches the Hollow crumble into dust and ash, sways on his feet, and collapses to hit the ground face first. It looks painful, but Rukia has no breath to spare for unnecessary sympathies – he is alive and that is a miracle in itself.

She presses bloody fingers to the gash in her side and pushes herself to her feet to cross the distance between them. Looks down at him for a long moment before she is forced, having no sword to lean on now, to kneel down on the tarmac before she collapses in the same undignified manner he did. She surveys the damage – one damaged house, four unconscious mortals, all of them wounded. Continue reading “Pawn” »



She awoke slowly, languorously, savoring the feeling of her dream still curling around her conscious awareness, though she could barely remember what she’d been dreaming about at all. She was in no hurry. By something unexplainable – perhaps the sunlight, or the wind, or the tangible relaxed atmosphere in the room – she knew that there was nothing to worry about for the moment, duty-wise. Continue reading “Hyottoshite” »


The Last Minutes of Truth

It was just your average day, oh…maybe a hundred or so odd years after the Chobokian Sisters left their mark of havoc in our lives. We’d reestablished a peaceful life-style, and managed to live through the deaths of our mortal friends and…loved ones, I suppose. Now we are so-called friends with their grandchildren.

My twin sister, Juuhachi, had moved in with Masako and I. We were all still young teenagers, practically immortal. We were lonely though, never really finding “true” friends again. Continue reading “The Last Minutes of Truth” »


Wind and Water

Chihiro sat at the windowsill of her new home, gazing into the night sky. A gentle gust of wind blew into her room, causing her undone hair to swirl around her bare shoulders. She was only wearing a singlet and a pair of white boxer shorts, her usual sleeping attire. The material billowed slightly as the air went through it. Chihiro didn’t mind. After her recent experiences, she had decided that she liked the wind. It had always acted as a friend to her. On the many nights she had spent on the balcony, red-cheeked from the steam-filled and overheated bathhouse she had been more or less forced to work at, the wind had always been there to carress her face with its cool and welcoming touch. It had been one of the few comforting things to keep her company when the feelings of hopelessness had threatened to overwhelm here. Sure, Lin had been there too, but her brisk and worldly nature had stung on more than one occasion. Continue reading “Wind and Water” »


Waiting for You

“Chihiro…Chihiro-are you paying any attention to what I’m saying?” Her mother’s voice came impatiently from the front seat of the car. Chihiro shook her head and tore her gaze away from the scenery whizzing by her window. Her father was tearing down the road as usual, his face lit up in a child-like grin with the thrill of flying around corners at a break-neck speed.

“Sorry.” Continue reading “Waiting for You” »


Young Soul Rebels

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” the scruffy young man slouched, staring at the window behind Captain Duncan’s desk as though he could somehow break the glass solely with the power of his mind. He was taller and more heavily built than an eighteen year-old had any right to be, but the Captain – who had two daughters, four sons, and half a garrison full of newbie teenaged recruits to deal with – could have spotted this punk’s attitude problem at fifty paces. It was surly. It was contrary. It was rebellious. It was fumbling towards machismo. And in the absence of an actual father-figure to scrap with, it was going to disagree with him in principle. Continue reading “Young Soul Rebels” »


Just Beneath

“C’mon, I think I see something over there!” said Jaune Arc, new student at Beacon and partner of Pyrrha Nikos.

Said partner was strolling, almost insouciantly, just behind him. As Pyrrha followed her partner through the bush towards whatever he saw, she took a few moments to examine him. On the surface, it made no sense for an exemplar of Huntresses-in-training to go out of her way to partner with a boy like Jaune Arc.

He was clumsy, awkward, and just all around goofy. There wasn’t anything about him that could be taken even remotely seriously. Continue reading “Just Beneath” »



The days had started out as most days at Beacon did, it seemed: beautifully. Somewhere around the middle of morning classes, however, dark storm clouds had started to swirl in the distance, and students had heard the faint, ominous rumble of thunder, the threat of a storm. No one had paid it much mind at the time; the darkness had still been some distance away.

Then afternoon break had kicked in once morning classes were completed, and Pyrrha Nikos now found herself watching as sheet upon sheet of rain pelted the school grounds. Judging by the continuing growl of thunder and the occasional flash of lightning, the storm wouldn’t be clearing any time soon.

To be honest, as ugly as the weather was, Pyrrha was a bit relieved to see that even a storm could hit Beacon. The school was by and large the best place to go if one aspired to continue her education to become a Huntress, and it was certainly a very beautiful place, well above the rest of the city most of the students called home. But it also seemed, at first glance, almost untouchable, abnormal. It had made her skin prickle just a bit, during her first days there. Continue reading “Rain” »