Moon River

Moon River, wider than a mile,
I’m crossing you in style some day.

He feels nothing but betrayal as he watches his best friend twirl the girl he wants more than anything else around the floor of the Grand Ballroom within the walls of the hotel Chuck himself spends most of his time in. He doesn’t envy Nathaniel Archibald. He doesn’t despite her. He only wishes that he had acted on his impulses long before it got to the point where their fucking engagement was practically set in stone. Continue reading “Moon River” »


Proms not that bad after all

Blair Waldorf stood there picking through dresses slowly checking them out. Nate stood there rolling his eyes hoping she would just pick a dress so they can go home and do it. Every time she looked like she was going to grab it, she just flipped past it. He was bored and couldn’t stand going shopping with her, but if he didn’t, she would whine and cry and give him that cute little poutie face of hers and he just couldn’t resist. Oh, he hated his hormones! Continue reading “Proms not that bad after all” »