Harry Potter and the First Sage (4. Draco’s Secret)

A few days later …

Hermione slowly drug herself out of Prof. McGonagall’s class with the same depressed look she’s had since Harry left. “Hermione!” a voice called from behind her. She turned and watched Lavender run up to her, “Feeling any better?” She asked concernedly. Continue reading “Harry Potter and the First Sage (4. Draco’s Secret)” »


Harry Potter and the First Sage (3. Only A Thought Away …)

Harry stood out there for a moment, but the tension got to him quickly. “Forgive me, Prof. Dumbledore, I have to know.” Harry said as he pulled out his invisible cloak from his bag. Harry slowly made his way into the dinning hall, being extra careful not to be spotted by Dumbledore, who was the only one Harry knew who could see through the invisible cloak. Harry finally found a good spot beside a pillar where he could plainly see the whole room.

“Now, Students.” Dumbledore announce, “Let us begin the voting.” He then looked around the room and took a deep breath, “All those in favor of Harry Potter being dismissed permanently from Hogwarts School of Wizards and Witchcraft, please stand up.” Continue reading “Harry Potter and the First Sage (3. Only A Thought Away …)” »


Harry Potter and the First Sage (Chapter 2: What happened?)

Later that evening, just outside Madam Pomfrey’s office inside Hogwarts, a small group was gathered waiting patiently for any word on the condition of Harry: Ginny Weasley set staring into space worriedly, while Ron paced in front of the door impatiently, and setting beside Ginny was a trembling, crying Hermione with Dumbledore setting beside her, rubbing her back soothingly. Continue reading “Harry Potter and the First Sage (Chapter 2: What happened?)” »


Harry Potter and the First Sage (Chapter 1: Like A Comet…)

The sun shown bright through the window of Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, two sixth year students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, causing the sixteen year old Harry to slowly flutter his eyes open. He blinked a few times before his eyes shot wide and he jumped out of bed, “BLOODY HELL!” He screamed dashing around the room. Continue reading “Harry Potter and the First Sage (Chapter 1: Like A Comet…)” »


Writer’s Block

Chapter 1: The Beginning …

“It was another Hogsmeade weekend, although one not part of the regular schedule. Given recent events, Professor Dumbledore and the teaching staff felt that a break was in order for the students, and declared a general amnesty for the school. No homework, no classes for the day (it was a Friday) … just a chance for everyone to let go for a while, and try to heal themselves from the horrors of the week just past. Continue reading “Writer’s Block” »


A Change of Tune- The New Wizarding World

19th August

Dear Harry,

I hope you’re okay and that your aunt and uncle are treating you okay. How was your birthday? Sorry your birthday present is late, I hope you like it. Ron and I are meeting at the Leaky Cauldron on the 30th and then I’m going back to the burrow, Ron wanted me to ask you too (He’d ask you himself but Errol is hurt and I’ve borrowed Pig to send you this). Owl me back if you can come.  Oh and make sure you look at that Daily Prophet article I sent you, can you believe it?!?! I miss you, so does Ron. See you soon, hopefully Continue reading “A Change of Tune- The New Wizarding World” »


The Filling of the Void

She sat, staring into the fire, on the large couch in the common room of her dorm. The red, yellow, and orange flame dancing together creating shadows over the room mesmerized her. One word came to her mind. Complicated.

Why did her life have to be so complicated? She should be happy, not miserable. She had a boyfriend. He was only four years older than her, but he was a professional Quidditch player. He seemed to really care about her, but what her feelings for him? She wasn’t sure anymore. Continue reading “The Filling of the Void” »