Days of a Took

Belladonna Took sighed as she awaited the arrival of Gandalf, the Wizard with the long beard and blue robes. She knew it would be her last adventure before she became a Baggins, as Mr. Bungo Baggins had already proposed. ‘It’s not fair!’ She pouted silently, her mother Bella had patted her daughter on the back and tried to comfort her.

Her Father, Walden Took was having a celebration in the honor of Belladonna’s engagement and had invited Gandalf in order to provide a certain entertainment. To Belladonna’s surprise he had accepted and would make his appearance any time now. “Only to tell stories. Not bring you along on another adventure.” Belladonna frowned, as she watched her mother’s friends speak quietly about the Took family. Continue reading “Days of a Took” »


No Regrets

Such a failure I am. Only out of pity did they allow me to go to Valinor. You see, I am Frodo Baggins, called the Ringbearer by many. I was entrusted with the task of bringing Sauron’s One Ring to Mount Doom to destroy it. Sounds easy enough, but as I said, I failed miserably. The only thing that saved us all was Gollum, the pathetic creature he is. It’s sad to think that when it came down to it, he was the one to save Middle Earth and not I. Valinor has not helped my spirits any, rather it has brought me to an emotional low. Seeing everyone else happy only makes me realize my own pain even more.

“If only I had one more chance,” I thought to myself. “I know I wouldn’t fail.” Continue reading “No Regrets” »