Derek’s Quest

I always thought that being a half-blood would be easy. You know wake up at eight, cabin (or tent) inspection, then eat at eight-thirty, afterwords going to combo practice, then archery with Chiron (the camp suporvisor), next is pegasus riding with two of my best friends in Demeter’s cabin, next to that is the monster assult techniques with Hermis cabin, then its free time, thats a time when you go the the volley ball pits, I normally try to forge something (if they let me) and just hangout, Then theirs a lot of stuff I don’t want to go into. My best buds in the world are Austin, Lucyka, Chris, and Alex. Chris and Alex are from cabin four, Demeter’s cabin. Austin and Lucyka are from cabin nine, Hephaestus cabin. Continue reading “Derek’s Quest” »