An only name for two loves

Mr Bennet opened the door carefully and entered in the room after doubting a while. Mrs. Bennet was laying on the bed in the center of the room. Although she was exhausted after her second birth giving, not even this could stop her usual verbiage. She had now the opportunity of talking about her two favourite subjects (her physical state and her children) and she was not going to miss it. Continue reading “An only name for two loves” »


Finis Origine Pendet The End Depends Upon the Beg

“Dad! Mom! Where are you?” He spotted the vague face of William Darcy Sr. “Dad! Are you alright! Where’s Mom?”

Dark amber eyes that were clouded with pain and confusion stared back at the fourteen year old boy. “William.” The man groaned briefly, shielding his eyes that were sharpened by pain. “Where’s Bethany?” He gave out a moan and slowly allowed the pain and unconsciousness to seize him. Continue reading “Finis Origine Pendet The End Depends Upon the Beg” »