Count Olaf smiled triumphantly at his prize, practically dancing with happiness. It was over. He captured the Baudelaires. He had killed his entire troupe, who would have given him so much trouble about the money. Most importantly, he had won.

He reached down to the table in front of him, and poured himself a glass of expensive wine. He was in his favorite room in his house, his tower, in his favorite chair, watching his favorite Baudelaire, Violet. Continue reading “Denial” »


Kissing Rain

Song-Fic of Nelly Furtado-Try

“All I know
Is everything is not as it’s sold
but the more I grow the less I know”

Violet lay terrified in her hammock. She heard Klaus snoring. He had been asleep for a while now, but most of his night had been restless. Violet had gotten no sleep; she was too scared to even try. The Lion Show was the next day, the day when she might have to jump to her death. Continue reading “Kissing Rain” »