A Thoughtful Backstory for ‘Paw Patrol’

Doctor Porter swiped his security card and the elevator doors slid open. He walked inside and hit the down button, and the car descended into the underground laboratory. The doors opened, and the bald headed doctor walked in, scratching his moustache as he stepped down the long hallway.

Rather than going straight to his intended location, the doctor turned down a branching hallway and down to the heart of the operation, the place where it all started: the Natal Genetic Engineering Laboratory. Continue reading “A Thoughtful Backstory for ‘Paw Patrol’” »


Swords, Scales, and Bagpipes

Nash raised a hang to plug his snout as he entered the bar. These places always smelled horrible. He glanced to the left, and noticed a group of Hoblins, pig-like creatures who, due to their habit of living in swamps, always had a horrible smell surrounding them. Well, at least now he knew the source of the stench.

He walked over to a nearby barstool, one that was a good distance from the Hoblins. The tiny robot bartender floated over to him and asked for his drink order. Continue reading “Swords, Scales, and Bagpipes” »



Below her own shaky breaths, the brunette could vaguely perceive the presence of someone else in the attic. Her lidded eyes all but blinded her, which, as she believed, heightened her other senses. A soft, almost inaudible, sigh was emitted from behind the slightly ajar door, and she knew he was there. The twelve-year-old girl glanced to the door, wishing he would step out and say something, gosh! She struggled to turn onto her side, a garbled shriek rising in her throat as unbearable agony seized her chest. Continue reading “Fragment” »


Garnet Mows the Lawn

Pearl was lying on her stomach atop the Crystal Temple while she watched with fascination as Garnet mowed the grass around the lighthouse. The hot pink brawny Gem was topless, which was undoubtedly a huge turn-on for her bride of almost four weeks. Pearl laughed to herself when she realized that she could stare at her all day if she wanted to. However, she was a bit saddened that Garnet would eventually finish her work. Garnet was the kind of individual to train regularly and her abs and chest proved it. She was the most attractive woman Pearl had ever met next to Rose Quartz. Continue reading “Garnet Mows the Lawn” »


Luck and Chance

The hard beat of the music made the glasses on the tables rattle. Patrons of the nightclub had to shout to each other to be heard at all. In the middle of it all was a dance floor, where dozens of people writhed and twisted to the fast music. In the middle of all that danced two young women, one with hair as dark as the midnight outside, and one with fiery hair as red as the dawn. Continue reading “Luck and Chance” »