Opposites Attract

“Emo!” “Vampire!” “Schwuchtel!” – all of these were things Marshall Lee was called upon as he headed over the schoolyard to the exit of the school’s ground I’m not sure if it’s true, but I’m not sure if it’s true , and then he had arrived at home, and Marshall lived there alone with his great sister, Marceline, and after the parents had died, and no nursing family had been found, the reverence of his great sister was handed over to him but he did not really take it seriously, opened the squeaky garden gate and stepped onto the stones in the garden, the sun practically making it into grills, so he had to hurry. Continue reading “Opposites Attract” »


The Bajeebus Outta Me

Somewhere in the Land of Ooo…

“Haha, yeah!” a joyful boy exclaims around a leap over some giant mushrooms. The night air is a little chilly on his naked arms, and he vaguely wishes that he had worn longer sleeves. But this is the only time he can be here; these are special mushrooms that only appear at night. “I bet the tops of those things are bounce-a-rific!”

“You bet they are, dude!” his stretchy canine companion assures him as the two of them jump mushroom top to mushroom top until, finally, they are on the largest mushroom in the patch. “Ready, Finn?” Continue reading “The Bajeebus Outta Me” »