Night of Christmas Pain

The blue-haired man fell to the floor after being harshly kicked in the stomach.

“Ge’ up, dullard!” an angry voice shouted.His voice seemed to echo around the carpark.

2-D didn’t want get up.But he knew what would happen if he didn’t.So he forced himself to sit up in a comfortable position, trying not to make eye contact the man before him.

“I swear down I didn’ take ya cross, Murdoc” 2-D said with no emotion.He was in too much pain to care that much anyway. Continue reading “Night of Christmas Pain” »


The Violin

It was late, way later than Noodle should have been up, when she heard the violin. She wasn’t up that late on purpose, even though there were a few times when she’d snuck up and tried to stay up way past her bedtime. Russ always caught her, though, and scolded her, and made her go to bed. But she’d been good tonight and had gone to bed at 9:30 without too much of a fuss, and had just woken up now, at 1:15, because she was very thirsty. She had crept to the kitchen, past the gentle snoring sounds coming from Russ’ room, and had just drank up a glass of strawberry Quik and was about to go to bed when she heard it.

It was very lovely. Strong and delicate all at once. Curious, Noodle quietly rinsed off her Squirtle mug and put it in the dishwasher (unlike Murdoc and 2-D, who always seemed to leave their dirty dishes in the sink for someone else) and silently crept after the sound. Continue reading “The Violin” »