Narrator’s P.O.V

It was a calm, clear night, and Raven being who she was, was in her room. But she wasn’t doing her usual meditating. Instead, she was looking out of the window at the star covered sky and the glowing moon. The young fifteen year old hero was full of emotions wanting to break free, but, her will and the consequences prevented those emotions from ever being seen on the purple-haired girl. Continue reading “Smile” »



I shut my eyes tightly and put my head down trying to block out the noise all about. “This is impossible.” I muttered. With all the cacophonous sound in the tower, it was impossible and insensible to focus on anything. I was getting distracted even while I was reading my favorite book of Poe’s poetry. I felt the table beneath my head lift up a bit. “Come on, Raven. Focus, focus, calm down.” I tried to alleviate the tension within and opened my eyes when I felt the table steady on the ground. What had been bugging me all through the morning? Continue reading “Reflections” »