Insults for the Boss

It was very quiet on the nemesis. The corridors lay in a marvelous silence, and nowhere was a Decepticon to be seen. And how was it, for the whole crew had assembled in the command center and squeezed around a table to attend the event there.
Four Decepticons had sat at the table and looked suspiciously. Soundwave had discovered a card game of the meatballs, on which Megatron immediately showed great interest. So they sat here: Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave and Barricade, each with 5 cards in the hand. This card game called poker. Continue reading “Insults for the Boss” »


The Choice

The celebration on the Ark was to be a short-lived one. The Autobots, with help from the United Earth Government, had managed to clear the Earth from the invading forces of the Decepticons. When the news arrived that Megatron had conquered Cybertron filled Optimus Prime with dread.

“Prime!” Blaster, the Autobot Communications Officer, called to his leader. “We’ve got a transmission from the refugee convoy coming from Cybertron!” Continue reading “The Choice” »