Karl-Ruprecht Kroenen’s Little Dissecting Party

K. R. Kroenen had never been the type of sentimentality, empathy, or even romanticism, and for this reason he always found an unpleasant surprise in the post.
He sighed dully through the gas mask and threw the perfumed paper into the wood stove before he sneaked into the chair to read a book. It crunched as he placed his considerable booty on the cushion, maybe it was time again to change the sand. Continue reading “Karl-Ruprecht Kroenen’s Little Dissecting Party” »



Once again he came home, exhausted by a long hard night.

One night, apparently, had only consisted of maneuvering Archie from one end of town to the other, just because his partner, who had muttered somewhere in the back of the ship, had noticed that there were criminals, extortionists, rapists, pimps they did not.
It seemed to him as if he had torn the wheel all night long, just to take a new direction, which his masked partner pretended. Continue reading “Nostalgia” »


One Night At the NRRD convention

Marigold felt a degree of amusement as the brown haired young woman in the Totoro cap, ‘Yaoi Zone’ t-shirt and NERV bag lead Hannelore through the crowds. “The NRRD-con isn’t quite like a real anime con,” she told her conversationally, “there’s too much non-anime stuff going on. But I think this’ll help get your feet wet.”

Hannelore made a face, “I don’t want to get my feet wet.” As Marigold gave her a look Hannelore smiled, “Joking.” Continue reading “One Night At the NRRD convention” »


Claude Os, Aperi Oculos!

Silence. The only thing that made sound was the gentle breeze and light crackle of the dying fire. Rouge, bard, cleric, wizard… they were all asleep or in their species’ equivalent. Roy Greenhilt was sitting next to the fire, sipping a warm mug of coffee and watching the night with a quiet yet wary gaze.

A little halfling crept silently through the camp, indistinguishable from the world around them. He was only wearing thin sleeping clothes, a green traveling cloak tossed haphazardly on his back to keep the night chill from touching him. His feet were bare and negotiated the grassy ground easily, used to far more painful terrains. Continue reading “Claude Os, Aperi Oculos!” »


Fact Versus Fiction

He has these little fantasies, sometimes, where he’s sitting on his couch next to The Groom, who’s talking to his best man and being the annoying little ass he is, and suddenly he decides he just can’t take it any more and he gets up, heading for the guest bedroom where The Bride and all her friends and makeup artists and hair specialists and her mother are. Continue reading “Fact Versus Fiction” »


Fully Charged

“It’s so funny that I didn’t think of this before…” Tony Stark sat slouched on a chair in his workshop, biting the tip of a ball point pen thoughtfully. Around him papers and scraps of metal suggested that he’d been working diligently on a project, although from the mess, it wasn’t exactly clear what. Pepper had just entered the room, her clipboard under one arm, caring an espresso on a tiny porcelain saucer. She stopped and set down the cup. Continue reading “Fully Charged” »