In Bruce’s opinion exams sucked, not because they were hard, no examination was hard when you had a photographic memory, but because they took so long. Usually Bruce took just twelve minutes to answer an exam paper. His average score on every exam taken since he was ten was 99.99% it could never be 100% because Mrs Redman his sixth grade Maths teacher never gave 100%. She had removed one mark from Bruce’s mid-term paper because Bruce had failed to put a full stop at the end of a sentence. Her actions had infuriated the young man. But like Alfred always said ‘You learn from your mistakes!’ and Bruce had learnt, he now always took an extra minute to check punctuation. Continue reading “Siege” »



The weeks leading up to Christmas always brought a shift in the amount of time Bruce Wayne spent as Bruce Wayne rather than Batman.

It was then that the Wayne Foundation made many large and well-publicized awards to various charitable causes – the timing was important because the organization received not just the money but a boost in visibility at this crucial time of year. It was then that the social season kicked into high gear as well. Bruce discovered an unexpected bonus in that actually being Bruce Wayne all day took a terrible strain out of making chit-chat at these parties – he could talk about where he had actually been last night, who he had seen, what they had talked about. It was much simpler than remembering the cover stories invented to conceal Batman’s activities. Continue reading “Catharsis” »