Tick or Treat, Hide and Seek

This story is a tribute to Bob the Hamster and his “mommy” Karen Roth.

I can’t believe Babs and Beth decided to have Beth go as a hamster. We’re going to Bruce’s house and Babs knows how he feels about hamsters since the incident. I have to admit my little princess looks adorable in the homemade costume though.

Babs took a tan hooded coat and put felt ears on top. In case it was cold she would’ve gone with a heavier tan coat, but it’s supposed to be just in the 50s tonight. She painted Beth’s face the same color and her nose pink. Even her shoes are tan. Continue reading “Tick or Treat, Hide and Seek” »


A Spot of Trouble

Dick lay slouched over the sofa in Bab’s apartment as she worked away at the computer. As he lay there staring at his love his mind was working over time. Over the last few months her security had been breached and her life had been placed in danger, she needed to be somewhere safe. He needed her to be somewhere safe.

“Bab’s, with Cass spending more time at the cave these days aren’t you lonely here all by your self?” Continue reading “A Spot of Trouble” »