Once again he came home, exhausted by a long hard night.

One night, apparently, had only consisted of maneuvering Archie from one end of town to the other, just because his partner, who had muttered somewhere in the back of the ship, had noticed that there were criminals, extortionists, rapists, pimps they did not.
It seemed to him as if he had torn the wheel all night long, just to take a new direction, which his masked partner pretended. Continue reading “Nostalgia” »


Drop the Ball

“Today’s the thirtieth,” remarked Nite Owl. He and Rorschach were sitting in a derelict apartment, long forgotten. Nite Owl was perched in an old metal folding chair, and the man with the ink-blot face had wedged himself into the window frame, somehow. He was staring out the glassless window, down at the streets below. They were empty. It was a quiet night. He wasn’t sure what to make of it.

“Yes,” Rorschach finally affirmed. Continue reading “Drop the Ball” »


A Place In Time

I stood atop the old apartment building, looking out over the city, or rather, Nite Owl did. Even as I stood there I was cursing myself, reminding myself of how stupid this whole thing was. I was retired and happily so. But all the same, it did feel nice to brush the dust off my feathers once in a while.

I didn’t plan on actually doing anything; the days of the costumed hero were over. Simply, as silly as it felt to be parading around the city in the dead of night dressed up in an owl suit, I couldn’t quite make myself quit the adrenalin rush of just wearing the costume and feeling the night air on my face brought. Continue reading “A Place In Time” »