At the Deepest of Desires

When I say my wish …

Once again Chara had landed here. At the cave, thousands of small stones sparkling, like stars. Quietly you could hear the waterfall rushing. It was fresh here, but she could not feel the cold for a long time. She walked cautiously and silently through the great cave. There lay the Tutu, which the last man left behind in Waterfall. Chara had seen the girl fight, had seen it hopelessly to lose Undyne, had seen it die. Six souls had seen them escaping from the dead bodies, none of them strong enough to survive, as well as they themselves did not. Continue reading “At the Deepest of Desires” »


Duality: A Stardew Valley Story

The beer can silently slipped from her limp fingers and fell to the small pile of cans beneath it with a sharp metallic clang as the can joined it’s brethren on the filthy, soiled carpet surrounding the couch. With a snore that resembled the snorting of a pig than any noise from a human, Pam drifted off into another night of inebriated slumber in front of the blue-white glow of the television. With a sigh that only she heard, Penny stood up from her place at the table and moved as quietly as she could to her mother’s bloated side, tiny hands gripping at ruddy flesh as she slowly, gently moved her mother’s upright form into a prone one; making sure that she was turned on her side just for safe measure. Continue reading “Duality: A Stardew Valley Story” »


In the Shadow of a Star

Why had Vega been renamed “Kurasawa?” Why was the Paul Steed operating alone? Why was it operating in this star system when the chances of life developing in the glow of an A0V-type star was extremely remote, and ergo, unlikely to be the home system of the species that had been harrying everyone from privateers to merchant navy in the last year? Continue reading “In the Shadow of a Star” »


Zombies in Happy Valley

In the Summer of 2020 I traveled home to visit my parents. I don’t know why I did. They always had hated me. They never really showed any affection. But nonetheless I felt that familial loyalty to them and I guess that is what brought me back.

I ended up staying there a month, helping my father rebuild a barn that had burnt down the previous summer. They seemed kinder now, now that I was away from their lives. Perhaps I brought them down into the pits of despair. Continue reading “Zombies in Happy Valley” »


Duel of the Fates

Fighting through the battle around them was no easy task, especially with the heavily armored bodies of the knights falling just about everywhere, along with the bodies of her soldiers.

Takafumi had went off somewhere else during the chaos, and she could only hope quietly that the Orochi would survive the battle unscathed. But for now, she had a order of business to settle with the one that started this mess in the first place, the one that she swore would make her regret ever leaving her alive in the Myre to see another day. Continue reading “Duel of the Fates” »