Zombies in Happy Valley

In the Summer of 2020 I traveled home to visit my parents. I don’t know why I did. They always had hated me. They never really showed any affection. But nonetheless I felt that familial loyalty to them and I guess that is what brought me back.

I ended up staying there a month, helping my father rebuild a barn that had burnt down the previous summer. They seemed kinder now, now that I was away from their lives. Perhaps I brought them down into the pits of despair. Continue reading “Zombies in Happy Valley” »


Duel of the Fates

Fighting through the battle around them was no easy task, especially with the heavily armored bodies of the knights falling just about everywhere, along with the bodies of her soldiers.

Takafumi had went off somewhere else during the chaos, and she could only hope quietly that the Orochi would survive the battle unscathed. But for now, she had a order of business to settle with the one that started this mess in the first place, the one that she swore would make her regret ever leaving her alive in the Myre to see another day. Continue reading “Duel of the Fates” »



The problem is, Papyrus just wants to be friends with everyone.

He doesn’t exactly make a secret of it, but sometimes he thinks that it’s harder than it should be. There isn’t a soul alive who just doesn’t want to be happy, right? And what makes a person happier than having friends? It seems so obvious, and Papyrus can’t possibly imagine not wanting want to be friends with everyone they come across. Continue reading “Undying” »


The Nostalgia Gambit

Tonight was the night, you decided. You had had enough. One night of this shit was far more than any sane man could handle. You’d endured four, and you were fifteen minutes away from upping your count to five. Foxy was giving you so much trouble that you were only barely able to slam the door in Bonnie’s face. If things continued this way, you’d either have to resign and pray for a new job to stay off the streets, or be promoted to a performer the hard way. You weren’t quite sure why you hadn’t resigned yet, actually. Dying out in the cold would beat this. Continue reading “The Nostalgia Gambit” »


Decisions, Decisions

Everyone was tired. Things were looking grim, though it was debatable on which side wasn’t looking so good. The spirits of the dead were floating around, hissing at the remaining three even though none could hear them. The three survivors were the veteran, the serial killer, and the jester. None of them were speaking. The veteran was too tired to go on alert for tonight, leaving him to the killer’s mercy should they decide to lynch jester. The serial killer on the other hand didn’t want to vote in general. He had a feeling the veteran was desperate to lynch the jester and pray the lunatic wouldn’t haunt him. Nevertheless, both didn’t look forward to the coming night. Continue reading “Decisions, Decisions” »


The Maverick Destroyers

20XX….. a desolate time, where nothing ever seems to be peaceful at all. Manmade machines, known as Reploids, do most of mans work, they are otamatons made to experince and feel emotions. However nothing goes as expected, and these seemingly miracles, turned into a sureal nightmare. A scientist named Dr. Albert Wiley, worked with one brillant man named Dr. Thomas Light. Together they planned, designed, and created these reploids, as tools to aid humanity. Continue reading “The Maverick Destroyers” »


If It Weren’t For Bad Luck…

“” I lowered the phone slowly, then dropped it onto the receiver. It landed with a heavy clunk somehow, the sound seemed symbolic of how I felt just then. I slumped back into the chair, a strand of my ebony hair falling in my face. I didn’t bother to tuck it back behind my ear hair out of place was the least of my worries right then. Continue reading “If It Weren’t For Bad Luck…” »