Tears of The Mourners


I, Cloud Strife was deeply confused. You see, there was Aerith, and there was Tifa, but I felt I had an obligation to Tifa, since she was my childhood friend. I knew I couldn’t just leave Tifa for some new girl that just waltzes in my life, but I knew in my heart, that Aerith was the one for me. We were sailing to go to the Temple of the Ancients. Aerith was eager to go, and was very anxious, because she wanted to learn more about her past, and her Cetra heritage. So we sailed in Cid’s ship to the Temple of the Ancients. Continue reading “Tears of The Mourners” »


Life is Blood, Shed and Offered

You have to cancel the experiment, Hojo. You shouldn’t have experimented on humans in the first place!
But Lucrecia and I are both scientists. I’ve been careful.
Careful? She collapsed today! This Mako radiation therapy of yours is killing her!
The treatment is quite harmless. It is merely a variant of the process used to create members of SOLDIER.
But on a pregnant woman Continue reading “Life is Blood, Shed and Offered” »