“Take care of her.”

Those were my last words to him. I received a nod from my friend before the door of Kingdom Hearts had fully closed. Mickey had told him to seal the door so I stepped back and watched it happen. It was going to take some time before the door would be sealed. I had to buy some time for Sora and Mickey.

I kept calm even though we were both surrounded by the heartless. I took out the Dark Wing Dagger and got into a fighting stance. I had lost my power to control them but I didn’t matter to me now. Continue reading “Repercussion” »


Weak Hearts A Parallel to Kingdom Hearts

A boy floated limply in endless darkness, the cold damp feeling of a storm night all around him and in his heart. He felt as though he was falling, and yet, nothing moved except a shard of pale light which could be viewed through half-lidded eyes. He breathed softly, wondering with thoughts that seemed to completely consume the unending silence of this massive void.
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