Duality: A Stardew Valley Story

The beer can silently slipped from her limp fingers and fell to the small pile of cans beneath it with a sharp metallic clang as the can joined it’s brethren on the filthy, soiled carpet surrounding the couch. With a snore that resembled the snorting of a pig than any noise from a human, Pam drifted off into another night of inebriated slumber in front of the blue-white glow of the television. With a sigh that only she heard, Penny stood up from her place at the table and moved as quietly as she could to her mother’s bloated side, tiny hands gripping at ruddy flesh as she slowly, gently moved her mother’s upright form into a prone one; making sure that she was turned on her side just for safe measure. Continue reading “Duality: A Stardew Valley Story” »