At the Deepest of Desires

When I say my wish …

Once again Chara had landed here. At the cave, thousands of small stones sparkling, like stars. Quietly you could hear the waterfall rushing. It was fresh here, but she could not feel the cold for a long time. She walked cautiously and silently through the great cave. There lay the Tutu, which the last man left behind in Waterfall. Chara had seen the girl fight, had seen it hopelessly to lose Undyne, had seen it die. Six souls had seen them escaping from the dead bodies, none of them strong enough to survive, as well as they themselves did not. Continue reading “At the Deepest of Desires” »



The problem is, Papyrus just wants to be friends with everyone.

He doesn’t exactly make a secret of it, but sometimes he thinks that it’s harder than it should be. There isn’t a soul alive who just doesn’t want to be happy, right? And what makes a person happier than having friends? It seems so obvious, and Papyrus can’t possibly imagine not wanting want to be friends with everyone they come across. Continue reading “Undying” »