Buisness or Pleasure

Belial opened his eyes, he was quickly coming to realise his surroundings. He was lay on his side, a rock sticking into his ribs. A Druchii lay on top of him. Belial rolled over forcing the Druchii to the ground; he drew his sword and ready to run him through when a second of the traitor elves tackled Belial from behind. The 2nd now stood over him, axe pulled back, it seemed to Belial this would be how it was all to end. He looked the Druchii in the eye, challenging him to attack, he hesitated. The hesitation proved fatal, as a crossbow bolt found its mark in the druchii’s side, he fell to the floor dead. Continue reading “Buisness or Pleasure” »




He walked lightly and agilely over the rough ground, his boots barely making a mark on the mud and grass. His scabbard clinked lightly against the armour on his leg, the deadly sword concealed within. His black hair -exceptionally short for an Elf’s- blew in the slight wind, becoming increasingly damp as the light drizzle began to fall with more speed. He carried his silver helmet in his hand, red jewel glinting in the low stream of sunlight that was being filtered through the grey cloud cover that hung over their heads like a veil. Continue reading “Loquin” »