The Plan

As the six Aesir stood on the frozen ground of Jotunheim, surrounded by scores of enemies on all sides, all Loki could think was: He’s done it again.

Granted, this was not surprising. Loki’s big brother was not exactly known for his well-mannered behavior. Thor was famous for charging ahead impulsively, with great enthusiasm but very little consideration. If Loki hadn’t known that Thor never put any thought into these adventures, he might have believed that his brother purposefully rushed headlong into the most dangerous thing he could find. There had been almost five months without any trouble and all of Asgard had known that something was bound to happen. Loki only wished that it hadn’t involved him standing ankle-deep in ice surrounded by malicious giants. Continue reading “The Plan” »


Pirates of the Caribbean 6 – Dead Menʻs Return

Henry had described Carina’s support and addition to her entire search for the Dreizack. Will had been silent, and Elizabeth, too, seemed very eager to know what her son had done in his absence.

Silence filled the comfortable living room when Henry finished his story until Will broke the silence.
“I … I do not know how I can thank you both, Henry and Carina. I do not believe you can grasp how easily you have my life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. “Henry smiled. Continue reading “Pirates of the Caribbean 6 – Dead Menʻs Return” »


Back in the Snow

I am standing in front of one of the large windows in the living room. I see the sun rise slowly behind the trees and feel the first sunrays on my skin. I listen to the chirping of the first birds. I love how, at this time of the year, the trees and shrubs are shining in a green and the flowers in front of our house are blooming. Everything is so vibrant. Until now, it all suggests that this day, like the last one, would be a sunny, warm summer day. But today will not be an ordinary summer day for me. Today I will marry Alan. Continue reading “Back in the Snow” »


What Happened to Everyone?

It was the early hours of morning. Phil Coulson stood looking at the field of white grave markers, seeming without end, feeling a strong sense of reverence. He had an uncle and a grandfather buried in Arlington, and in a way, so was the man he was minding.

Coulson gave the man his space, and watched over him from ten feet away as the man gazed upon the grave marker that read; Continue reading “What Happened to Everyone?” »