Ears Aren’t Just for Listening

Peter Quill ran a hand down his weary face, scratching slightly at the scuff growing on his jawline as he put the Milano on cruise before he crashed his beloved ship into something on purpose just to cure himself of boredom. Of course, he’d never actually do that, but after flying for hours upon hours and listening to his Awesome Mix Vol. 1 until Drax had at least memorized and understood the lyrics to Hooked on a Feeling, he had to get up and do something. Continue reading “Ears Aren’t Just for Listening” »



Judy Hopps: January, 1/25/2016 5:43 pm.

Dear family and friends, it’s me Judy. I apologize for my long wait on updating you on my happenings here in my new life in Zootopia and I’m sure Mom and dad most be fidgety for a phone call or letter by now. It’s just I have been so busy with being both a new comer and a police officer that I have had little time to fill you guys in. So let me begin with saying I miss everybody and hope there doing well while I’m here making my dreams come true. Continue reading “Zoobook” »


Expedition One

Newt Scamander was not an ordinary boy, and never had been. Ever since he first came out of the womb, he had a fascination with animals. First, it was the family Crup. Then, he had found a baby Bowtruckle, and kept it in a cage in his room. At the age of seven, his mother had begun to allow him to help tend the Hippogriffs that she bred as a hobby and he had begun to dismember Horklumps to get a better idea of exactly what these creatures were made up of. Continue reading “Expedition One” »


Godzilla: Total Annihilation

An Uncharted Island in the Sea of Japan

Some bad men named the Red Bamboo had taken residence there and focused on their plans to take over the world.

“But sir, our best weapon, the Sea monster, Ebriah has been defeated by the monster Godzilla and the island has been destroyed how are we supposed to take over the world now?” asked one of the organization’s soldiers Continue reading “Godzilla: Total Annihilation” »


Lost Loves

“Help me! Help me, please!”

She cries out to him like she always does. She screams just five feet away from him, holding out her hand for him to grab it. Once he would have, once he did, but now every time he did, he was only welcomed with dissapointment. Everytime he grabbed her hand, making her smile, she would then scream, and be killed in his arms. Continue reading “Lost Loves” »


A Place Where the Sun Can Be Touched

A cool breezes swept dirt from the dry grounds of the Kalahart desert through the air as a mod of meerkats slept peacefully below. It was another calm night as the animals of Africa dreamed knowing no danger was to harm them that night. All slept but one audacious little kit who wanted to watch the sun rise.

It was not long before the morning light touched the ground and spread through out Africa. The kit’s eyes grew wide in amazement at the sight of the mixture of colors in the once dark sky. The kit scurried down a hole as the sun’s light began to shine through the leaves of a nearby tree. Continue reading “A Place Where the Sun Can Be Touched” »