Never An Absolution

Thirty-eight years, I, Edward J. Smith, Senior Captain of the White Star Line, sailed across boundless oceans. I was renowned for my natural leadership and popularity among passengers and crew. I also took great pride in my impeccable safety record. Nothing gave me greater satisfaction than to see my passengers marvel at the wonder of the Sea and then on arrival at their destination, exclaim at the new sights that encompassed them.

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An Icy Promise

White Star Line crew members were pulling women from the boat and helping them into the lifeboats. “Get on the boat, I’ll get another one,” said Jack. “No, I’m not going on without you,” said Rose. “I’ll be fine, don’t worry. Hurry and get on or there won’t be any more spots left.” “Go on missy, there’s on more spot left,” said one of the crew members, pulling her away from Jack. Rose grabbed the hands of the other women in the boats and pulled herself in. Rose never took her eyes off Jack. Sobbing, she stared at Jack. He stared back at her. Rose looked at all of the sad fathers still on the ship, who would not get to see their children grow up. She saw Jack looking at her. She didn’t want to leave him. As the lifeboat reached another level of the ship, Rose moved to the front of the lifeboat and jumped, hanging on tightly to the side of the ship. Continue reading “An Icy Promise” »