A Moment of Peace

For the past how many weeks, there’s been that steady, constant moment of panic. Panic that Kilgrave might be around the corner, waiting for her. Or controlling other people to die in front of her to fuel her guilt. Or rage. Or fear. Or maybe those three altogether.

Jessica’s had her fair share of those ever since the moment she found out that Kilgrave was still alive and lying in wait for her. But nothing beats the panic attacks that she feels every time she sees Trish is hurt. Strangled by a big-bodied idiotic police officer. Thrown against the wall of her apartment by said idiot. Literally trying to shove a bullet into her head, no thanks to the asshole that ruined her sanity. Unable to breathe because of a goddamned red pill that she took just to protect her. Continue reading “A Moment of Peace” »


Her Misery… His Tragedy

Dean was standing in the kitchen at Herd. He stared at the pan in the pancakes, which he wanted to make for breakfast. He had heard the cry of terror. He knew that they would be there right away, with him, that they would ask for an explanation. He did not have the slightest idea what to say. He stared at the pan. The grease splashed to the sides. He heard the doorways sound as if noiseless. Continue reading “Her Misery… His Tragedy” »


To Death We Go

“Clementine!” Ava cried, but the girl was nowhere to be seen. Her heart pounded painfully in her chest as she ran through the garden to look for her. She tried to persuade herself that all was well that Clem could not have happened, but her subconscious was not there. For too long she had been on the road.
We only play hiding places, she said to herself for the thousandth time, this is just a game. There is no danger! Continue reading “To Death We Go” »


* – * The First Date * – *

Meredith had an eventful day behind him, one might well say. She had a jerk and wanted to go out with Nathan, she hoped it was the right decision and she would not regret it. She did not know him well enough. Was he really a nice guy or was he like the other guys?

More importantly, it would be serious. It was a date. Nathan would want more, he had already suggested. Maggie did not know about it. She had to tell her soon what was the matter. In addition, Maggie had enough around her ears, since her mother was here again and was suffering from breast cancer and was even here. Continue reading “* – * The First Date * – *” »


Afterlife Crisis

It all begins the day after the event in Los Angeles, the one where somebody (Fury still doesn’t know who) didn’t get all the footage of one Agent Phillip J. Coulson scrubbed off the Internet. The highlight of that particular morning is the part where Steve Rogers storms into headquarters demanding answers and sounding like he’s just lost his mind. Fury’s inclined to let the agents witnessing that spectacle to come to their own conclusions about Captain America’s sanity. Fury rides out the moment, finishing giving Hill and Sitwell their orders for the day before manhandling Rogers into his office, with Rogers spluttering like a fish out of water. Continue reading “Afterlife Crisis” »


So Far From All Our Dreams

After the screaming had stopped, they’d decided that staying in one room together was the best idea. Or well, Alicia had wanted to retreat to her room to process alone what had happened outside the front of their house (and then try calling Matt again), but had been told by her mother that staying together was the best idea. Alicia had thought to argue, but instead offered a deal – she would stay in the living room with them if her mom would tell her what the hell was going on. Continue reading “So Far From All Our Dreams” »


No Hands

She isn’t sure if her son is crazy.

Emma imagines what it must be like for parents of children diagnosed with a severe disability; to learn that their child will never be able to do the most adaptive of skills — walking, talking, dressing themselves. Ultimately, the painful realization that their child will never be normal. She had hoped that by giving Henry up for adoption, he would be able to live a normal, healthy life. During her pregnancy, Emma had vague dreams of his happy life with a stable family. Not wanting to vanquish this longing sequence of thoughts, she’d chosen a closed adoption. Continue reading “No Hands” »


Of Luck and Lightning

Henry Allen was led from his cell towards the visitation area. This was normal enough; his son came to see him every few weeks. But Barry had just been here last week, and it was unlikely that he would have come again so soon. This was more to Henry’s request than Barry’s desires. The boy would have been in every week is Henry would have allowed it. But he didn’t like to think of his son wasting his life away on the other side of a glass partition, talking to the father who had never been there. The request was just as selfish as it was noble however, because it hurt Henry to see his son growing up without him. Continue reading “Of Luck and Lightning” »


Anime Night

9 floors up, in my small office, sitting at my desk, my knee hurt. That always happened when it rained (courtesy of a Japanese bullet on Guadalcanal, back in my uniformed days), and it was raining then. I could see it flailing against the window in waves. Cold, wet, and dark. I hate the rain. And from the looks of things, my new client wasn’t too happy with it either. Continue reading “Anime Night” »