A Moment of Peace

For the past how many weeks, there’s been that steady, constant moment of panic. Panic that Kilgrave might be around the corner, waiting for her. Or controlling other people to die in front of her to fuel her guilt. Or rage. Or fear. Or maybe those three altogether.

Jessica’s had her fair share of those ever since the moment she found out that Kilgrave was still alive and lying in wait for her. But nothing beats the panic attacks that she feels every time she sees Trish is hurt. Strangled by a big-bodied idiotic police officer. Thrown against the wall of her apartment by said idiot. Literally trying to shove a bullet into her head, no thanks to the asshole that ruined her sanity. Unable to breathe because of a goddamned red pill that she took just to protect her. Continue reading “A Moment of Peace” »