11:17 PM Somewhere outside of Area 51

Scully awoke to what sounded vaguely like popcorn popping. The sound was familiar to her but still half-asleep, it took her awhile to realize it was the sound of rain beating against the roof of the car. She looked at the car clock – 11:21. But something was wrong. The clock never looked like that to her. It was the wrong angle for the shotgun seat. Continue reading “Switched” »


Angels and the Truth

When I was young my mother told me that God loved me, and that there were angels, guardian angels who looked over us, who protected us, who saved us. And it is until now I see that there is no such thing. I see no angels have ever looked over me. I see no angels saving me. I see myself getting pulled into a deeper, darker whole. I’m drowning in my own emotions. I’m at an all time low, and I will not allow the one person that I trust, that I care for with all my heart to get pulled down with me. It is not going to be allowed. I will not let this deep dark whole swallow her along with me. Continue reading “Angels and the Truth” »