Destiny – The Truth

A small foal that lies in the cradle and opens its eyes for the first time in life. He looks at his parents, who are overjoyed at him, and begins to squeal joyfully.
The first steps. The first encounter with the girlfriends. A beautiful game section on the meadow, joyfully shrieking, trying to catch. Enrollment.
The life is wonderful, is not it?
Then, blackness. In fractions, you can still see just how the otherwise picturesque, clear sky, immersed in a beautiful sunset, turns pitch black and the young ponies panick the only path they know: the home.
Every foal knows the story of Nightmare Moon. But this is by no means comparable.
After that, only just as fragmentary parts of running and screaming ponies, on the way out of the city, in the attempt to save themselves, buildings destroyed, shadowy ponies chasing the other ponies – and finally Luna, Friends and parents.
This pony is me. But I wish it was just a nightmare. For this dream I had already the third time. Every time exactly the same, each time a little bit more clearly. Slowly I think that should tell me something. In addition, you have nightmares usually when you are sick or afraid of anything. I am healthy and healthy.

My name is Winterstorm. I am a 22 year old Unicorn mare and live together with my parents, my three best friends and the part of their parents who still lives together in our little “village” – a small spot existence in the wilderness. The life here is beautiful, beautiful quiet, beautiful peaceful and above all so beautifully free and unencumbered. We live in our four houses – one of which is the food store and the food hut – on a large green area, most of which is covered with farmland, bordering a forest on one side and a mountain on the other. At least it is what I have believed the last 20 years of my life.
Because if you have as much time as I do, then you like to think about things. Of course life as a hermit is very bleak, monotonous and boring. And then you ask things like, “Why are we here alone?”, “Are there other ponies in other places?” or one comes to a place, which we know only as “the border” in its extravagant explorations and gimmicks. Behind it lies the “Wasteland”. A disagreeable, expansive, dead, abandoned, seemingly endless expanse of ever-widening devastation. We were always told that there are certainly other ponies, but they are too far away to find them. And we were never exhorted – never – to cross the frontier. We have kept young foals here for the most part, and that has shaped us so that we do not really think about it anymore. Until now. And now it’s time to learn the truth.

Violently breathing and panicky from what I just saw, I scare myself up, look around me frantically. Fortunately, I quickly realized that I was still safe and quiet in my little straw bed in our wooden house and this was just another dream. The third within a week. And always the same. But, relieved also exhausted, I let myself sink into the bed again and turn to the side with the window. It’s still the darkest night outside, but the stars glitter brightly and soothe me. For a while I remain so lying and just enjoy the sight of the night, while I think as so often. This dream … This is no longer normal. Slowly I begin to believe that this dream is to say something to me. That the ancestors want to tell me something. I just do not know what. This destruction, this suffering. Are we in danger? Is this a vision? No. There were too many ponies to symbolize our village. Besides, I was still a young foal in this dream. He plays in the past. Is this supposed to be a memory …?
I will probably never know, because it is still only a dream. Dreams come, dreams go and they show all sorts of messy stuff. With a soft sigh I turn to the other side and close my eyes again, hoping to sleep through the rest of the night in peace. This wish is fulfilled to me.

The next morning, I am gently awakened by the first rays of sunshine that appear over the mountains to the east, and the cock crow. Slowly stretching and stretching, I open my eyes and look again out of the window, but this time the painter’s light shines through our maize field and is broken by the many plants into a nearly uniform wave pattern, driven solely by the movements in the wind. Yes, life in the countryside has already had its moments which make you forget all worries, complaints and the general boredom. Then the door swings to my room and before I can turn around to look who is coming, I’m also literally kicked out of the bed by a wildly jumping pony.
“Get up your sleeper! The sun is laughing and the work is calling! ”
And just as fast as it was, it was already out of the room, out of the house and into the next, to awaken everyone else – whether they are already awake or not. This hyperactive pink furball, with which one might think it is trying to hide under the mountain sea blue mane, is Sunny Charm. She is the youngest of us and although she is only half a year younger than I actually stayed inside a foal. What does not mean that she can not be serious – only she is not usually. But for that we love her and her style, even if we would prefer to get up in peace. After all, she is almost always in a good mood and manages to transfer this good mood to everyone else, however depressed she may be.
Since I have already left my bed already and I am bright I am rising and make my bed once again properly, which by the four-legged alarm clock looks rather worn. Then I go to the wide door and stretch out my head. In the small hallway, where only a sofa with a small table stands, I see my parents, who look as if they were awakened just as impetuously as I am.
“* Yawning * Good morning winter.”
Slowly I trotted over to them and together we left the house and walked along the small path that connects all the huts and fields of our home, towards our food store, which is also our ‘dining room’, where we all together every morning and evening eat. At lunch, on the other hand, we are usually all at work or somehow on the way, for example, to get resources from the forest, which is why each of us can choose his own lunch break. On the way, coming from the other direction, we meet a dark blue unicorn with equally dark red mane. Their bright bright blue eyes and the lighter tail tip out of the mix. She is Moonlight Dust, she is the oldest and most peaceful of us. This can probably be attributed to the fact that she is also the most difficult, since both her parents have already passed away. Nevertheless, she is not weak or reserved, on the contrary, she is a magical genius in comparison to me! … uuuund thus almost responsible for everything. I wish I could help her more, but I would have to learn a bit more about magic. And since we have only three unicorns here, I counted, it is so with the learning.
“Hey you three.”
While my parents went to the restaurant with a nod and smile, I joined my girlfriend.
“Hey. Did you sleep well?”
“I can not complain. And with you?”
“Until the pink devil woke you up?”
We both have to giggle.
“That anyway. Well, come on, I’m hungry. ”
Thus, I also enter, followed by Moonlight, where we already welcome the smell of fresh hay burgers on the already laid table. Around the table the others have already gathered, Sunny and her mother, my parents, Fluffy Cloud and her father. Cloud is our athlete, which she must be, because after the death of her mother, she is the only Pegasus to take care of the weather on the farm. She has cream-colored fur and a light blue mane with a thin, rather turquoise strip, which, however, usually sinks in her mane, which is tied to the horse tail. In addition, she can, well … sometimes be a bit frustrating when something is not running as she would like. But everyone has his quirks.

I sit down on the free chair between Cloud and my mother, Moonlight on the last free chair at the opposite end of the big round table. Then we start to eat and I take a big, hungry bite.
Well, and I? My parents called me Winter Storm because I’m almost invisible through my snowy fur in winter and I was born during a storm. The whole thing is accompanied by my long, open, slightly bluish mane with the continuous strands in darker blue and my golden eyes. I am right in the middle, in itself rather quiet, but I know how to enforce myself, not the oldest, not the youngest and feels the one that keeps everything running here. Planning is my strength, but I can also tackle. Because if you live with just eight ponies on a farm that has to provide itself around the clock, day by day, all year round, be it with our fields, chickens or cows, then there is quite a bit of work , At the same time the work at eight is much easier, as we all know each other well and understand and support us with all problems. This is the advantage, the disadvantage is that you can hardly hide a secret.

“Hey, winter, all right?”
After the meal, I slipped back into thinking. That’s what I am always seen immediately, as I usually stare absentmindedly into the area.
“…Hm? Oh yeah. Just thought a bit. ”
“And what about?”
“Oh, I had this dream again tonight …”
Cloud, which has already left the hut, like most of the others, reports in her rather rough voice.
“Again?! This is the third time in a week. ”
“I know! And it is always exactly the same, only felt a little bit each time – clearer, clearer. So slowly I have the feeling there is more behind it than just a dream … ”
The others look at each other questioningly and thoughtfully. Then my mother also interferes, which is just about to remove the remnants and clean the table.
“Oh darling, it’s just a dream.”
“Yes, but he always comes back. And he feels so … real. Besides, I see him as a foal, even though I have hardly any memories of it, and – yes, he himself feels almost like a memory, of a past that never existed … ”
At this mention my mother’s eyes light up briefly.
“Oh, you certainly interpret too much. Maybe your subconscious mind wants to say something to you, maybe not. Do not worry about that. ”
Then she sets aside the pile of wooden dishes and disappears with the others in the yard to begin her work. I can also deceive, as it has been ages, but this glow usually means something has come to her. And it was not a good thing to judge the facial expression she had in this split second.
But yes, she is right. Perhaps I sometimes just too many thoughts. It’s just a dream. And the upcoming work will help me to think differently.

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