Harry Potter and the First Sage (4. Draco’s Secret)

A few days later …

Hermione slowly drug herself out of Prof. McGonagall’s class with the same depressed look she’s had since Harry left. “Hermione!” a voice called from behind her. She turned and watched Lavender run up to her, “Feeling any better?” She asked concernedly.

“No. I really don’t feel myself.” Hermione growled, “So you going to vote me out of school too?”

“Herm,” Lavender sighed sadly, “Harry had no business here anymore. He couldn’t use magic so there’s no way he could have passed any of his classes. Besides, he’s safer away from Malfoy, Snape, and You-Know-Who.”

Hermione sighed in frustration. Lavender had a point, Hermione would die to protect Harry, and she thought Ron would have too, but maybe their right. She wasn’t Harry shadow, She couldn’t be with him twenty-four seven to keep him safe. “Whatever,” Hermione sighed.

“So Herm,” Lavender said changing the subject, “How did you do on McGonagall’s test. A hundred as usual?”

“Twelve,” Hermione whispered making Lavender blink in confusion.

“Twelve? You …you failed … ANOTHER test …” Lavender asked in disbelief. “Hermione, that’s the fifth one this week!”

“Whatever,” Hermione said emotionlessly and started back walking toward the Gryffindor commons.

“Wait up!” Lavender cried running up behind her.

The girls walked into the Gryffindor commons and were surprised when they heard soft sobbing. They looked around and saw Ron scribbling on a parchment then wadding it up and throwing it into the fire.

“Ron?” Lavender asked making the red headed boy jump. “What are you doing?”

“Nothing!” Ron snapped rubbing his eyes.

“What’s the matter, Ron?” Hermione asked worriedly.

“Nothing’s the matter. Why would anything be the matter? I just stabbed the best friend I ever had in the back! No, nothing at all is the matter!” Ron said turning his back on the girls to hide his tears.

“Ron…” Lavender sighed worriedly, reaching toward him, only for him to brush her off. “Ron, aren’t you even a little bit hungry?” She asked trying to change the subject.

“No, you can go to lunch without me, thank you.” Ron said moving toward the boys’ dormitory.

“What’s with him?” Lavender asked concerned.

“Guilt,” Hermione stated turning toward the exit.

The two girls walked toward the dinning hall but Hermione took a turn toward the owlry.

“Hermione where are you going?” Lavender asked concerned for her other depressed friend.

“Just going to owl someone. Be down in a tic.” Hermione said as she made her way up the stairs. “Harry, if I find out those Dursleys touch a hair, I’ll hex them to the moon.”

not long later, back at the Dursleys, Harry was eating up the attention from his aunt, much to his uncle and cousin’s disapproval. He didn’t understand why she was acting so nice to him, but wasn’t going to jinx it by asking about it.

Harry was laying comfortably on the brand new feather bed his aunt had bought him and was watching his 40” television set which she also bought for him among other gifts. All these presents had to almost push Uncle Vernon to bankruptcy, but considering the years of hell he’s put him through, he couldn’t care a less.

Harry was resting peacefully, watching Big Brother when something hit the window hard and began to rapidly peck on it like a woodpecker. “What the?” Harry asked opening the window to let the hyper owl in his room. “Pig?” Harry asked watching the owl flutter around his head rapidly.

“Letter from Ron huh?” Harry said wrestling the letter off the struggling feathered ball of energy. Once he finally got it away, Pig perched on the bedpost and glared hatefully at Harry for ruffling his feathers. Harry looked at the angered bird then at the letter in his hand. Harry threw the letter into his trashcan and laid back down on his bed turning his attention back to the television.

His eyes slowly moved from the television to the trashcan and back again. Harry then gave off a loud growl, got up and pulled the letter out of the trash. “Might as well hear him out.” Harry said as he tore open the envelope.


I know you probably don’t want anything to do with me anymore. But please understand: I didn’t do what I did to hurt you. I still consider you the best friend I’ve ever had and as much a brother to me as my real brothers. If that ‘duel’ with Draco never happened, I would have never voted for you to be forced to leave. Harry do you know what Draco could do to you, especially now he knows that you don’t have your power. I know I’ve said this before, but it’s true and you know it is. Heh If it wasn’t for this being such a serious situation I would find it funny; usually ‘Mione is the voice of reason in our little group. But, Harry, the last six years you’ve gone out of your way to make sure me and everyone else in Hogwarts never came to harm, I was just trying to return the favor.

I really miss you, Harry, It’s really not the same without you. And I’ve never seen Hermione this sad. I’ve started doing something I’ve never done before too, intense study. I have been looking for ways to give you your abilities back. I’m not going to stop till I find a way. I’ve even owled Sirius and told him about what has happened and he’s trying to find a way as well.

I wish I could say that I’m really doing this because I want my best friend back here and try to make things what they used to be, because I know that would be selfish and unrealistic. After what happened I don’t expect things to ever be the same between us and I really don’t blame you for no longer wishing to be my friend.

But the truth is, I’m doing this for Hermione. Harry, she’s not the same without you. She’s even failed a test apparently for the first time in her life and that’s scary. But I have to tell you… I followed her when you two spoke the day you left. And the reason I really want you to return is, well … I love her, Harry. And the day you left, when I heard what she told you, I knew she was yours and there was nothing I could do. I don’t care what you say Harry, but I know you feel the same about her. She needs you now more then ever, and I believe you need her just as much. You can make her happy, and that’s what I care about. I only wish she chose me instead, but I’d rather her choose you instead of someone like Malfoy. Hurry back, Harry.

Your Friend (I hope)


P.S. Please don’t hate me

Harry blinked a few times, and read it a few times. “Ron…” Harry sighed regretfully.

He then grabbed a piece of paper and scribbled a message on it and, with a great deal of work, placed it on Pig’s leg. “Now go back to Ron, ok.”

Pig chirped happily and shot toward the window and broke through the unopened part causing a sigh from Harry.

“Harry, dear?” Aunt Petunia asked walking into the bedroom. “Oh dear, what happened to the window?”

“Oh just some crazy bird.” Harry said with a faint blush.

Petunia shrugged it off, and placed a tray with a plate made up of a sandwich, tea, a variety of cookies, chips, and also accompanied by a large white rose for decoration (heaven knows why). “Here’s you snack dear. I’ll leave you to eat up,” she said kissing Harry on the forehead.

Harry watched her go with a perplexed look, “Just keeps scaring me more and more every day.” Harry then looked down at his sandwich and his mouth suddenly began to water. A six-inch sub less then an hour before dinner. If he didn’t slow down on his aunt’s food, he’d be bigger then Dudley in a couple of weeks. Then a familiar chirp drew his attention to the window.

“Hedwig!” Harry exclaimed happily. Hedwig happily soared into the room and landed on Harry’s shoulder and happily rubbed her face against the side of Harry’s head. “I missed you too.” Harry said scratching Hedwig’s head.

“Let me guess, message from Hermione?” Harry asked as he removed a parchment from Hedwig’s leg.

Hedwig chirped an affirmative as Harry opened the letter.


I know it’s just been a few days since you left, but I miss you horribly. The whole school seems a bit darker without you around, and a bit more frightening. It makes me angry, only Ron and myself seem to be fazed by your absence. Don’t worry; I’ve been using your last bit of advice you gave me. When ever I start to miss you being here I think about the happy times we shared together, you me and Ron, and it’s like you’re still her with us, with me. I’m doing fine with classes and passing as usual, which shouldn’t surprise you. I’m also still looking for a way to give you the ability to perform magic again, but I’ve little luck so far.

The best I can find is an old legend in ‘Ancient Myths of Magical England’ that says that there was a group of people who could use magic differently then Wizards and Witches, they didn’t use magic, but could literally merge with the magical fields around them and control and override spells and curses with their very thoughts. They were called ‘Mystics’. But it’s only a legend, and the ways of the Mystics could only be taught by Mystics and by powerful Wizards called ‘Sages’, but I fear none exist any longer.

Looks like a dead end, but I’ll never stop looking. I’ll find a way to bring you back, or go blind reading one.

I pray that horrid Aunt, Uncle, and cousin of yours is treating you fairly. If they are not, I do not care if I’m kicked out of Hogwarts, I’ll hex them with everything I know.

I hope to hear from you soon, and hopefully my next letter will have a way to bring you back.



Harry sighed, a part of him wanted to go back to Hogwarts, but not for the other students, but only to be there for Ron and Hermione. If he got the ability to use magic again, he’d help protect the professors, Ron and especially Hermione, but the other students … he shook his head, bitter thoughts like this likely what caused Tom Riddle to become the raging psychopath, Lord Voldemort. And no way would Harry allow himself to become like him. Not a chance.

Harry set there and thought about how he could respond, but finally, after filling his trashcan with wadded up paper, he finally attached a note to Hedwig’s leg. “Ok take that to Hermione, on and take this to her too!” Harry said as he took the white rose from the tray and placed it in Hedwig’s mouth. “Thanks, old friend.” Harry said as the snow owl flew out the window.

“What’s all the ruckus up here?” Aunt Petunia asked walking back into the room, “Have you finished your snack yet, dear, would you like more?”

“N-No ma’am,” Harry stuttered looking up, “But may I ask you a question?”

“Of course, Harry.” Petunia said with a smile.

“Well, you and Uncle Vernon were always a bit cruel to me, why are you being so nice now?”

Petunia smiled and set down on his bed beside him. “Lets just say…we have a lot in common…”

Meanwhile, back at Hogwarts…

Ron set patiently waiting for Pig to return, looking out from the open window, when he spotted a figure in a dark cloak walking out toward the Forbidden Forest in a dark cloak. “What’s this?”

Ron then grabbed Harry’s invisible cloak Hermione loaned him and quickly made his way outside and followed the trail the figure traveled on.

Ron looked around the forest, when he finally heard voices. Despite his invisible cloak, Ron made sure not to risk being spotted by some other means, and maneuvered where he could see whom it was conversing.

“You summoned me, my master?” the cloaked figure asked to the other in the shadows with a familiar voice.

“Yes, how goes the operation?” the one in the shadows hissed.

“The only down side is Potter still lives, but he is of no threat anymore. He has lost all his powers,” The cloaked figure said removing his hood making Ron bite his knuckle to keep gasping out loud. ‘Draco!’ he thought angrily.

“What of Dumbledore?” the voice in the shadows asked.

“Thanks to the training you gave me, He’s like everyone else in the school, under my command and doesn’t even realize it! Even the ghosts and paintings do what I want.” Draco chuckled.

“Under MY command.” The voice hissed, “And everyone you say?”

“Well,” Draco said in deep thought, “It appears that Ron Weasley, the groundskeeper and the Mudblood girl appear to be able to fight it off. I do not understand it.”

“I expected as much. Loyalty is a strong thing, one of the few things stronger them most magic. But give them time, my apprentice, even loyalty can be broken eventually.”

“Weather they break or not, it matters little.” Draco boasted, “They are anything but a threat without Potter there holding their hands.”

‘Draco’s working with You-Know-Who?’ Ron thought as fear engulfed his body, ‘This is bad…’ Ron thought as he silently made his way back to the castle.

Once he made it to the Dormitory, he threw the cloak under his bed and pulled the sheets to his chest nervously. “I need to tell someone but…” Ron whispered to himself, “Draco said even Dumbledore was under his control…the only ones he said wasn’t was Hermione, me, and Hagrid, but that could change… who can I trust…” he then rolled over to face the window, “Harry…. hurry…”


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