Hogsmeade Pizza (1. The Wedding that Almost Was)

Susan Bones closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths. She willed her body to relax and make her heartbeat go back down to it’s normal rate.

“Susan…calm down!” Hermione Granger adjusted the neckline of her bridesmaid’s gown so it laid lower on her shoulders. “You’re getting married, not walking down death bloody row!”

“Hermione…” Lavender Brown glared at her cousin and went over to Susan. “You look gorgeous, no one is going to be laughing at you, I promise.”

“Really?” Susan asked in a tiny voice. She was excited about marrying Ron; they’d been planning this day since they’d graduated from Hogwarts a few years before, but now that it was actually happening… “What if I fall on my way down the aisle?”

“Be glad it’s not Hermione falling, or her dress might go down with her!” Lavender snickered, and Susan finally let out a peal of laughter.

“At least I have something to hold my dress up with.” Hermione shot daggers at her cousin. She threw her head back, letting her long dark brown curls fly over her shoulders and stuck her chest out, patting it proudly.

“You’re disgusting.” Lavender told her cousin dryly. The three girls all burst out laughing as a knock sounded on the door.

“Ready?” it was Susan’s father, ready to walk her down the aisle. “You three girls look gorgeous.” He said warmly, his eyes slightly misting over as he rested them on his daughter.

“Thanks Mr. Bones!” Hermione smiled sunnily at him as she strutted out, followed by Lavender. With the absence of her two friends, Susan started to feel the nervousness coming back in leaps and bounds.

“You look beautiful.” Mr. Bones said softly, hugging his daughter to him. “My baby’s getting married, I can’t believe it.”

“Me either.” Susan choked out as he took her arm. Hermione and Lavender smiled reassuringly at her as they stepped from the room and went to the main doors of the church.

Hermione pasted a large smile on her face as the doors opened and she began to step in time to the music. Behind her was Lavender, silently counting and blushing as people looked on at the two of them. The two of them reached the front, where Ron and his five brothers stood in a line, Ron twisting his hands in anticipation of seeing Susan. Hermione bit her lower lip hard as she caught a fit of the giggles; Lavender poked her in the back.

“Stop it Hermione!” she hissed. They finally came to their places and Hermione managed to stop laughing, although a tiny snicker emerged before she put her face back into it’s bright smile.

The music changed and everyone turned expectantly to the back, where Susan was being led down the aisle by her father. There were several sighs of delight from the rows where relatives and close friends sat, for Susan’s elaborate dress looked stunning on her. Her veil covered her long red curls; Lavender had helped her fix her hair that morning. The lacy veil hung down her back, trailing on the floor, and then rested softy in front of her face.

Susan felt as if she were smothering. Every single eye in the room was upon her, and it was all she could do to keep her pace along with her father as they came closer and closer to the altar.

“Ron…” she murmured almost silently. He looked so handsome, his dark robes hanging off his broad shoulders, his red hair hanging over his forehead. His face spread in a large grin as their eyes met, she managed a tiny trembling smile underneath the veil.

“All right honey?” Susan’s father was now bending down to say in her ear. She turned and barely nodded, and he kissed her cheek through the veil before passing her over to Ron. He tucked her arm into his tightly; turning to grin at her once more as the music ended and the minister began talking.

“We have come here today to witness the marriage of Ronald Jonathan Weasley and Susan Marie Bones. To join together in holy matrimony, as long they shall live, to break the bind of marriage is risk of eternal damnation…” the priest’s voice became a loud hum in Susan’s ear, and the room, including Ron, began to spin around her in a crazy pattern of faces and words. Sweat broke out across her forehead; her breath began to come in short gasps. The last thing Susan heard before blacking out was Ron’s shout of surprise as she toppled backwards….


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