Hogwarts 70’s (Chapter 2: Diagon Alley)

The next morning, Lily woke up very late: she had celebrated all night her birthday and being a witch. Mr. Figg was coming on 2:00 PM. Thinking of her letter, she headed for the bathroom, and walked into a very crabby Petunia. “Watch out, Carrot!”

“Shut up, Horse-face! It’s your fault!”

“It’s not! You were walking without looking around you!”

“I wasn’t! You were!”

“Girls! For god’s sake! Stop arguing!” came Mrs. Evans’ voice from the dining room. The two sisters shut up at once. They got down for breakfast.

“So, Lily,” said Mr. Evans, “are you looking forward to meet Mr. Figg this afternoon?”

“I can’t wait! I just can’t believe I’m a witch!”

“Petunia, dear, would you like to go with her? It might be entertaining…” said Mrs. Evans.

“Um…No, I’m going to see Vernon for a…”

“Little snogging session” Lily cut in “I really pity this poor boy… kissing a horse… How much do you pay him per month?”

“Lily!” said her mother warningly, but really struggling not to burst out laughing.

“OK, OK, just joking…”

Afternoon came quickly, and Lily waited by the door since 1:00 PM.

Mr. Figg arrived at 2:00 sharp, he took Lily and set off to the Leaky Cauldron, where was the entrance to Diagon Alley. There, a ministry Auror, accompanied by an eleven-year-old girl asking questions non-stop, could be seen.

Lily was amazed at everything she could see. She had exchanged some Muggle money, and she could buy everything she needed. She bought all her school supplies, including her wand and a pet owl she named Amazon… In fact, her owl had the same green eyes as her. That was why she chose it.

When came September the 1st, Lily was eager to leave for Hogwarts. Her parents had made her promise she’ll write weekly, and Petunia hadn’t stopped hoping the train would crash. In fact, she had been avoiding her since Lily has come back from Diagon Alley. The only problem was: where was platform 9 ¾? Lily phoned Mr. Figg to ask him about that. He bellowed that his daughter, Arabella, was in seventh year and was going to help her.

After a fast car drive, full of fighting between the girls, Lily had found herself running towards the barrier separating platforms 9 and 10.


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