I Love

I love looking at you when you don’t know it. When you’re concentrating on your homework, you bite your lower lip and narrow your eyes. I think I’m the only one that notices that.

I love it when your hair sticks up in the back, how it’s always so particularly messy. It looks best after I’ve run my hands through it, letting the soft and textured strands slip through my fingers.

I love how you look at me after we kiss. The feel of your lips are still on mine, your taste lingering; usually of Chocolate Frogs or peppermint Bertie Botts. The taste that I have come to think of as distinctly ‘you’. Your eyes are always wide and impish, as if someone’s caught us doing something we shouldn’t be.

I love it when you do simple things, like take my hand in yours as we leave the Great Hall, or when you take my bag when it’s laden down with books. For someone that was never taught any manners growing up, you’ve certainly acquired many.

I love your smile. Having parents that are dentists, I can’t help but notice your even white teeth that show when your lips curve up at the sides. It’s such a mischievous smile too, one that many people say you have inherited from your father.

I love your eyes. When you’re happy, they shine like emeralds. When you’re sad, they darken to a forest green. They always betray your emotions, especially to the people that care about you the most. They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and if that’s true, then you must be the richest man alive.

I love it that you’re so kind to everyone. Well, everyone except the Slytherins. People aren’t afraid to come up to you and ask questions, whether it be about the weather or about your scar. It’s a natural friendliness that attracts everyone to you.

I love your body. All those years you spent as a scrawny child have passed by, and it’s evident that you work out, be it during the summer away from Hogwarts or practicing Quidditch. Your strong arms hold me so tightly when we hug, I feel like I never want to leave your embrace.

I love the way you always would reassure me that I am the most beautiful woman in the world. Even during those moments when I would come out with my fuzzed up hair, no makeup and baggy clothes, you would only have eyes for me. The warm look would always make me feel as if it were just the two of us in the universe.

I love how you and Ron always defended me, be it from Malfoy or from reporters barging in on our private life. Starting with the troll, to Voldemort, to Rita Skeeter, you have been there for me when I haven’t been able to get myself out of trouble, which isn’t very often.

I love how you whisper things in my ear as I’m about to fall asleep. In that voice not loud enough to jerk me back into full consciousness, you have professed your love a million times over, and I’ve heard it every time. It’s usually during those times we’ve had our best conversations, be it aloud or just through a touch, a squeeze, a caress, or a kiss.

I love how at our wedding, your eyes never left mine as I came down the aisle with my father. The calm and loving look you gave me helped me stay calm as I took step after step; with everyone watching me. When I reached you and took your arm, everything else disappeared once more, and all I can recall is looking at you the whole ceremony.

I love the way we lay together after making love. There is no better feeling on earth to me than the way you make me feel as I am coming down from the level of passion you bring me to. Our bodies make the most perfect blend; it was like our curves were made to fit into one another’s.

I love it how when our first child was born, you brought her over to me, and we both stared at her in awe. She had a patch of brown hair the colour of mine, and when she opened her eyes, they were a perfect clear green like yours, and your mother’s before you. When we spoke her name aloud, she smiled like she understood it was her.

I love it that you are such a wonderful father. Growing up, you never received any love, but the affections you give are endless. Our daughter is your pride and joy; you can never get enough of cuddling her, holding her, feeding her. I’ve got so many pictures imprinted in my mind of you just looking down at her, like you can’t believe she’s a part of you, of the two of us.

I love how you became so emotional when she started her first year of school at Hogwarts. I swore I saw tears in your eyes as she boarded the train and turned to wave at us as it began to pull away out of the station. I thought it would be me that cried, but it was your tears I brushed away that evening as we sat in our quiet home.

I love it how you and I were the proudest parents at our daughter’s graduation ceremony as she became one of the most successful witches ever to come out of Hogwarts. Head of her class like me and gracious like you, she certainly inherited some of our best traits. It was me this time with tears in my eyes; tears I was able to hold back only when you took my hand in yours and squeezed it tightly.

I love how when you walked her down the aisle at her wedding, you wore the biggest grin on your face. She smiled back up at you, and you kissed her on the cheek and whispered something in her ear before letting her go to her future husband. When we watched them dance together later, we whispered that it felt like us all over again.

I love it how we sit together now on our front porch and watch the rain, not as youthful as we always were, but the spark of our romance always has remained. As you stand up now and smile at me, I’m reminded of how many years we’ve spent together, and how many more years we’re likely to spend together.

I love it that you’re Harry Potter, I love it that I’m your wife Hermione, and I love it that you love me and always will.

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