It Was Bound to Happen (Chapter 5: 5th Year Yule Ball, Blue Reminisces)

Caitlyn shifted against the large rock so that she was now leaning against Blue, who turned and pressed his lips gently to her temple.

“Blue?” she asked a few moments later.

“Hmm?” he had almost been asleep when her voice jolted him back into full awareness.

“You know how, the other night, you said you’ve loved me for two years?” Caitlyn asked.

“Yeah?” Blue asked. “What about it?”

“When did you realize it?” she was curious. “I mean, not the exact second or anything…” they both laughed. “But I mean, what was it that made you love me?”

“Well…” Blue began. “It was back in our fifth year….”


“Blue!” Caitlyn Potter hollered across the Gryffindor Common room. “Blue Weasley!”

“Yes, oh sunshine of my life?” Blue drawled, leaning over one of the overstuffed chairs surrounding the fire.

“I need you to do me a huge favour.” Caitlyn tugged on one of his hands, pulling him off the chair.

“Right here? Caty, I never knew you liked getting favours in public…” Blue grinned at her.

“Honestly, Blue.” She rolled her eyes but was laughing. “Not THAT sort of favour, maybe later….”

“Big Woo.” Blue said, following her to a darker, more private corner of the common room.

“Jack Longbottom asked me to the Yule Ball.” Caitlyn said, looking anxiously at him. “I told him I already had a date.”

“Do you?” Blue asked, trying not to laugh.

“No.” Caitlyn bit her lower lip anxiously, and then her mouth curved up into a sly smile. “That’s why you’re going to take me.”

“I’m what?” Blue was no longer laughing. “What’s wrong with Jack?”

“I just don’t like him that way, he’s a bit on the annoying side, and all he does is talk about Herbology and Potions…” she said. “Please? The Yule Ball only happens once every four years I can’t miss it!”

Blue heaved a long suffering sigh and she punched his shoulder. “All right, but you owe me.”

“Right, I might actually regret this.” Caitlyn tossed her straight chestnut hair over her shoulder. “Why didn’t you have a date?”

“Because, I wanted to go stag and have my pick of the ladies.” Blue’s tone was boastful. “Now I’m going to be stuck with you all night.”

“Like that’s such a bad thing.” Caitlyn retorted, as they came out from the corner and flopped back down on the chairs by the fire. “I’m a far better date than most of those airheads you’re used to.”

“Says you.” Blue smirked and they both started laughing again as Caitlyn came over and started smacking him with a pillow.

“You have the maturity of a three year old.” Caitlyn shrieked, as a few feathers went flying from the pillow. At that moment, two of Blue’s cousins, 7th years Matthew and Mason Weasley (Fred and Angelina’s twins) came striding in the door.

“Go Caty!” Mason (or was it Matthew) cheered. They loved it when Blue and Caitlyn would get into one of their little spats; they usually wound up with Blue lying on the floor covered in something.

Caitlyn looked up and grinned. “It’s so easy to kick his ass, isn’t it?” the twins roared at this and Blue flushed red.

“Thanks, Caty. Now I’ll never hear the end of it.” Blue muttered as his cousins fell on top of one another, rolling on the floor in hysterics. He reached up into his red hair and pulled out a few feathers.

“You said it best; Blue…I owe you one!” Caitlyn grinned mischievously at him.

“Oh that’s it.” Blue said, getting up and grabbing his wand from his pocket. He pointed it at her and said “Titillandus!”.

Immediately Caitlyn doubled over laughing hysterically. “Blue…you…asshole…take…tickling….spell…OFF!” she fell onto the floor and clutched her stomach. Blue sat back lazily and watched with a large grin on his face. A few first year students looked on in wonder.

“Oh all right…” he said about three minutes later, lifting the charm. She immediately stopped laughing and sat up, still clutching her stomach, but she had a murderous look in her eyes. “Oh shit!” Blue yelped and ran; Caitlyn was hot on his tail as they jumped out the portrait door.

“I swear, you’d think those two would just date and get it over with.” Matthew said, shaking his head at his cousin. Mason snorted.

“No kidding…every holiday they hole themselves up somewhere and we don’t see them for hours…at least they could be doing something productive.”

*** *** *** *** *** ***

“You’re so lucky.” Caitlyn rolled her eyes as her friend Lana sighed for the millionth time. “I would love to be going to the Yule Ball with Blue Weasley.”

“Well it’s not like I had much of a choice.” Caitlyn said, sliding her shimmery pearl coloured robes on over her head. She buttoned them up and admired her reflection in the mirror; the robes had been an early Christmas gift from her parents. They fit her slender figure perfectly. “I mean, the Minister of Magic’s son asked me and I said I had a date…not like I could just show up alone, you know?”

Lana looked at her own reflection; she wore deep blue robes that looked nice with her blonde hair and eyes. “You’re still lucky.”

“Whatever.” Caitlyn waved ‘lucky’ off with her hand. “It’s not like that with Blue and I, he’s my best friend.” She flipped through a small stack of parchment. “I know I had that curling spell in here somewhere…Aha!” she said triumphantly as she pointed her wand at her head and muttered the spell, and a second later her long brown hair was a mass of loose curls.

“You seem to be going to an awful lot of trouble getting yourself ready for your friend.” Lana said slyly. Caitlyn turned around and glared at her.

“Lana, it’s the YULE BALL…everyone is going through a lot of trouble to look nice tonight.” Caitlyn said, becoming quite exasperated. She turned back to the mirror and began to touch on a bit of makeup that matched her robes. “Are you ready?” she asked a few moments later.

“Yes.” Lana answered, and the two girls left their dormitory and descended down to the common room, where Blue and Lana’s date Andrew were waiting.

“Why does it always take girls so long to get ready?” Blue looked over at Andrew, who shrugged.

“I don’t know but they’re sure looking good.” Andrew motioned towards the stairwell, where Caitlyn and Lana had just appeared. He moved forwards towards his date with a large smile on his face.

Blue felt as if he’d been hit by a Dizzying charm as soon as he laid eyes on his best friend. The only other time he’d seen her so dressed up was at her parents’ wedding five years ago, at age eleven he hadn’t thought much of it but now, she simply took his breath away.

“Blue?” Caitlyn had come up to him and was waving her hand in his face. “Are you all right?”

“Oh uh…I’m fine.” Blue gulped. “Here, I figured we should do this right.” He held out a tiny white rose with a two inch stem.

“Thanks Blue.” Caitlyn smiled up at him. She raised herself up and kissed him on his cheek, causing his heart to do a large flop. He was scared, why was he feeling this way? Blue tried not to show it on the outside.

“You look great, Caty.” He said, without any sort of tremor in his voice.

“Thanks, you do as well.” She replied, hooking her arm through his. They went out the portrait door and down to the Great Hall.

“Wow this place looks incredible!” she breathed as she took in the seventy foot tall Christmas trees, candlelight and garlands strung along the windows.

‘Almost as incredible as you…’ Blue thought, sneaking another glance over at Caitlyn. His thoughts were terrifying him now, at this moment he wanted nothing more than to find some mistletoe in a dark corner and snog her senseless. But why, she was just his best friend, he had no romantic feelings for her right?

“Blue what is the matter with you tonight you’re staring off into space again.” Caitlyn tugged on his arm.

“I’m fine.” Blue smiled at her. “Let’s go grab a butterbeer.” She agreed and they strode into the midst of the ball. He noticed a great many of his guy classmates looking at Caitlyn with the appreciation that only a male could have, and he unconsciously tightened his hold on her.

“Looking good Caty!” Mason called out from the side of the dance floor. He gave his cousin an appraising look as Blue glared back at him. Caitlyn grinned back at Mason.

“Right back at you!” She said back as they went over to Mason. “Blue here thinks he’s going to look better if I walk around with him.” She mockingly jabbed Blue in the side. “He thinks it’ll help him with the ladies.”

“Well we all know he needs all the help he can get.” Mason said with a straight face. Caitlyn burst out laughing as Blue narrowed his eyes at both of them.

“Perhaps you’d like me to tell Jack Longbottom you want him to save a dance for you?” Blue grinned impishly at Caitlyn and flicked one of her curls over her shoulder.

“Don’t you dare, Ronald Weasley Jr.” Caitlyn said and Mason guffawed loudly. “Speaking of dancing, I’m simply dying to get out on that floor.”

“You’ve known me for five years and you want to dance with me? Have you gone mad under all that makeup?” Blue gaped as she led him out and they began to move around to the music.

She curled up a corner of her lip at him. “I don’t need makeup to look as good as I do.” Caitlyn said loftily, her twinkling eyes betraying her snotty tone of voice. “Besides, if you’re going to dance, you can at least do it with someone who doesn’t care if you step on their feet.”

“True.” Blue said as the music changed and a slower song came on. Caitlyn moved to leave the floor but Blue held on to her wrist.

“Come on, you just said I have to dance.” He intertwined his fingers of his right hand with hers and curved his other arm around her waist, bringing her body up tightly against his.

“See Blue, this isn’t so bad!” Caitlyn said after a moment.

‘No, it’s not.’ Blue thought as he turned his head, and the scent of her perfume drifted up, she smelled like lilacs. “You’re right.” Blue said aloud. “I guess I’m not as bad as I thought I was.”

“No, you are.” Caitlyn teased. “I meant us coming here together, there’s no sort of romantic entanglement, you know?”

The side of Blue’s mouth twitched at her comment but she didn’t notice. ‘No romantic entanglements, too late for that.’ He thought somewhat sourly as the song ended and he followed Caitlyn to the Gryffindor table against a wall.


“No romantic entanglements?” Caitlyn repeated, and laughed as she leaned her head back against Blue’s arm.

Blue smiled briefly at the memory. “Well, that was only the start of things, my feelings just deepened, but every time I wanted to say something you’d bring up the fact that we made such good best friends.”

“I guess I was really blind for so long.” Caitlyn said thoughtfully. She looked up at him with a gleam in her eye. “And you know what?”

“What?” Blue asked her.

“I still owe you one.” She grinned devilishly and kissed him.


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