It Was Bound to Happen (Chapter 7: Caribbean Vacation Part II)

*** Almost One Week Later***

“I’m so glad we got our parents to let us stay out.” Caitlyn said as they waved goodbye to their families. “I mean, we haven’t gotten to meet anyone our age yet, and we’re bloody leaving tomorrow!”

“Wish we didn’t have to go so soon.” Blue replied as they turned and headed back towards the bar area where lots of teenagers were milling about. Almost subconsciously, he put his arm around her and let his hand graze her bare, tanned shoulders. Blue wasn’t sure if it was just him, but he thought that he and Caitlyn were more touchy feely than they usually were back at home or school. They’d been (sometimes purposefully, at least on his part) brushing up against one another often over the past week, yet she had given no indication why on her part if her feelings for him were anything other than platonic.

Tonight she was wearing a strapless black dress that had made her father glare when she came into the lobby, with her long dark hair loose. He had on a plain white shirt with some dark dress trousers, his hair falling casually over his forehead. Personally, Blue thought they looked like a couple with the way they dressed alike, but he didn’t tell her that.

“Come on you,” Caitlyn tugged at his hand, pulling him to the bar that was located on the seashore. “The band is going to start up in a minute.”

“I’m not dancing.” Blue said flatly as they found a few seats.

“Oh why not?” she whined. “You never dance!”

“Because I can’t.” Blue replied. “And besides that, I hate it.”

“Well, dance at least once, please?” Caitlyn widened her eyes, and pushed her lower lip out in a fake pout.

Blue rolled his eyes, she knew full well that he was unable to deny her much, it was even worse when she pulled the fake pout routine. “Maybe,” he conceded, knowing that she would probably get him out there at least once that evening.

“Good,” Caitlyn said, grinning smugly. “Are you thirsty?”

“A little,” he answered. “Why, are you buying?”

“I suppose,” Caitlyn replied, sticking her tongue out at him. “What do you want?”

“Surprise me,” Blue said. “I wish we didn’t just have to stick to Coke though.”

“Me either,” Caitlyn wrinkled her nose as she got up and went to the bar. Blue watched her go, not taking his eyes off how her hips swayed as she walked.

She asked the bartender for two Cokes and waited patiently. More people were starting to arrive at the bar, and the music the band was playing was fantastic. Unconsciously moving in time to the tune, she was unaware of the person coming up beside her. As the bartender finally brought her drinks over, Caitlyn turned and nearly fell over at the sight next to her.

A Greek God, he had to be, clothed in black silky trousers and a white satiny button shirt. His dark hair fell into his almost black eyes, and when he smiled at her (oh the SMILE) he had perfect straight white teeth.

“Hello,” he said, and his voice was as smooth as the rest of his body. “I saw you standing here alone and I just had to come over and introduce myself.”

“Really?” her voice came out squeaky and she cleared her throat. “Really?” Caitlyn asked again, her voice more normal this time.

“Well it’s not often I see such a beautiful woman.” He took one of the glasses from her hand and set it on the bar, then raised her fingers and kissed them. “I’m Dimitri.”

“Hi….” She managed. “I’m… I’m… Caitlyn,” she managed to stutter her name.

“It’s a pleasure,” Dimitri replied, giving her a smile again that almost made her fall over. He smoothly lifted her hand running his thumb over her fingers, “Dance with me.”

“Sure…” she almost stuttered as he led her out to the floor. He pulled her body up right against his and when he smiled at her again she felt her knees turn to jelly.

Blue was sitting back, glaring angrily across the dance floor at Caitlyn and the guy she was dancing with. If he looked on the bright side, it meant that she wasn’t as serious about Ryan as he had previously thought, but at the same time… he wasn’t the one dancing with her. Blue got up; ready to go across the floor and tell Caitlyn he was ready to dance with her now. He hated dancing but if it got her away from that creep… A light touch landed on his shoulder and he spun around to face a pretty brown haired girl about a head shorter than him.

She smiled looking up at him “Hello, I was wondering if you’d like to dance… with me?”

Blue felt his face turn red. “Oh… um… you know, I’m really not that good of a dancer.” He smiled sheepishly. “I tend to step on feet a lot.”

“Oh,” She was disappointed, “Can I buy you a drink instead?”

Blue was hesitant, but he didn’t want to seem like a jerk. “Sure,” he agreed as she grinned and led him to a spot at the bar. Luckily, he could still see Caitlyn dancing with the guy.

“What would you like?” She leaned over on the table, her eyes travelling over his chest, the length of his arms and back up to his eyes. She smiled.

“Just a Coke, I guess.” Blue sat down and ran his hand through his red hair.

“What’s your name, I’m Holly by the way,” She held out her hand for him to shake.

“Blue,” he replied, taking her hand. “It’s nice to meet you.”

Holly’s eyes went wide with wonder for a moment having never heard such a name before. She leaned back in her chair and crossed her legs, one over the other. “Hmm, well that’s an interesting name. Funny, you don’t look blue.” She grinned.

Blue smiled back and laughed. “Well, it’s a nickname, but it’s been that way for so long now that it’s the only thing I respond to.” He pointed to his eyes. “My mum gave me the nickname when I was a baby because of my eye colour… they named me after my father, so this gets rid of confusion.”

“I like it, it’s very unique. So tell me more about yourself Blue.” She flashed a smile of perfect white teeth.

“Well, I go to boarding school back home in the UK. It’s up in Scotland, pretty far north.” Blue explained. He was careful about what he said, knowing that this girl was a Muggle. “I play… rugby there.” he remembered a Muggle sport that Caitlyn had once told him about.

“Ooh I bet you’re the best player on the team, with a build like that you’ve got to be.” Holly said sweetly.

Blue flushed red again. “I guess.” he sipped one of the Cokes that the bartender sat in front of them and looked up again, unconsciously clenching his jaw as he saw Caitlyn laughing at something the guy was saying.

Holly noticed she didn’t have his attention, and she followed his gaze to the dancing couple out on the floor. “Blue, is everything all right? You’re staring at that girl out there like you’re mad at her.”

Blue jumped, feeling slightly guilty. “Yeah… she’s my best friend Caitlyn.”

Holly looked at his ‘best friend’ again, she was pretty. “She seems nice.”

“Yeah, she’s the greatest.” Blue suddenly came alive. “I’ve known her since we were eleven; our families came here together.”

She smiled a little, “Sounds like she’s pretty special to you. If you don’t mind my being so bold as to say…it sounds like you fancy your best friend.”

“What?” He grew flustered. “No, no… it’s nothing like that, we’re just best friends, only friends is all.”

Holly laughed a little, “Blue I’ve only known you what five minutes and this whole entire time you’ve been watching her with this pained expression on your face. I know the look of love when I see it.”

He was silent for a moment. “I guess you’ve found me out.” He turned to her with a sheepish look on his face. “I hope you don’t think I was leading you on or anything…”

“Well I won’t say that I’m not a tad disappointed, but its okay. Love is love and you’ve found it.” Holly said gently.

“It’s just a shame she doesn’t know it as well.” Blue leaned on his hand gloomily. “She looks at every guy but me.”

“This Caitlyn must be blind not to see you more than just a friend, but she’s also very lucky.” Holly sighed. “There aren’t many guys like you out there.”

Blue smiled a little at her comment. “I’m really not that great.” he mumbled.

“Why not tell her how you feel; maybe she doesn’t know what she has because you never made yourself known in that way. Friends have this invisible line, sometimes it takes the other to show them the way to cross it.” Holly leaned back, “Of course it’s just a suggestion.”

Blue stared at his now empty glass and shrugged. “Maybe.” he sat back. “So what about you?” he deliberately tried to change the topic.

Dimitri was in full conversation, hoping to impress Caitlyn. “My family’s summer home is in Tuscany, a beautiful place. You should see it sometime.”

“Tuscany, wow,” Caitlyn was impressed. “What brings you all the way over here to Grand Cayman if you have a vacation home there?”

“Well, I had a dream one night. That the woman for me was there in the Grand Cayman, so naturally I followed my heart.” He paused, “I’m one that can afford to follow his heart. Anyway, my dream was correct, here I have met you. Dear sweet, sweet Caitlyn.”

She was unable to speak when he suddenly bent his head and his lips were on hers. Caitlyn let herself enjoy the kiss as his lips opened her mouth and she felt his tongue inside. She was dizzy when they finally parted; no one had ever kissed her like that.

“I’m… tired… can we get a drink?” Caitlyn was now missing the Coke she had left at the bar earlier. Dimitri nodded and led her off the floor.

Dimitri held open his wallet, “Please allow me to buy you a drink.”

“Sure,” Caitlyn accepted as she sat down next to him. “Just a Coke will be fine.” Dimitri leaned over the bar to talk to the bartender and ordered a rum and coke, double shot.

Caitlyn eagerly took the drink that was offered to her and took long quick gulps. “This doesn’t taste like Coke.” she said.

“I asked the bartender to squeeze a little lemon in it, give it a bit of a twist.” He smiled.

“Oh,” Caitlyn sipped it again, still thinking that there was something odd about the drink but not caring, she was so thirsty. She looked up and saw Blue on the other side of the bar, talking to a girl. Caitlyn gave him a tiny wave and he jerked his head slightly in response.

Dimitri ordered himself a fruity, blended drink and drank his slowly watching Caitlyn down hers in less than five minutes. “Would you like another?”

“Sure,” she responded, suddenly feeling light headed. “That would be great, thanks.”

He smiled turning back to the bar signalling to the bartender. After a few seconds her drink was replenished. “Are you enjoying yourself tonight Caitlyn?”

“Oh yes,” Caitlyn said eagerly, as the light headed feeling passed and giddiness replaced it. “I’ve really enjoyed meeting you.”

“Have you now?” Dimitri hid his smirk by taking a sip from his drink.

“There’s a serious shortage of good looking guys on this island.” Caitlyn leaned forward, feeling extremely flirtatious. She placed her hand on his arm.

“I see,” He felt around his pockets for something, “Oh no, Caitlyn would you come up to my room with me, I left something very important up there. It will only take a second.”

“Sure,” she said, tossing back the rest of her drink. Wobbling dangerously as she got down from the school, she allowed Dimitri to hold her around the waist as he began to lead her away from the bar.

Blue saw his best friend leaving the floor and heading back towards the hotel behind them. Excusing himself, he quickly rushed over to her. “Where do you think you’re going?”

Dimitri glanced at Blue wondering who this idiot was. “What’s it to you kid?”

“She’s my best friend.” Blue crossed his arms over his chest and glared at the other guy.

“Hi Blue,” Caitlyn began to giggle. “I’m just going upstairs with Dimitri really quick to get something from his room.” She looked up. “Right?”

Dimitri glared back at Blue, “That’s right, be on your way red. The lady is just fine.”

“I don’t think so.” Blue forcefully pulled Dimitri’s arm away from Caitlyn’s waist. “Be on your way now.”

“This doesn’t concern you; your friend is old enough to make her own decisions.” Dimitri was getting frustrated. He hadn’t just spent 100 dollars on drinks to lose his conquest now.

Blue felt his temper flare, and that was a scary thing. He had inherited his easygoing nature from his uncles Fred and George, but his anger rivaled that of his father’s when he was angry. “You got her drunk, you asshole,” Blue’s voice was tight. He could see it in her eyes and by the way she stood. “And now you’re taking her upstairs? I don’t think so.”

Dimitri smirked, “You’re a right annoying little bugger aren’t you.” He grabbed Caitlyn’s arm and pulled her closer to him away from Blue. “The lady is coming with me; get out of the way if you know what’s good for you.”

Blue nearly growled as he leapt forward and pushed the other guy away. “Don’t make me hurt you,” his blue eyes snapped fire.

Dimitri laughed, “You hurt me, in your dreams boy. I’ll have you know I’ve been trained in all forms of martial arts and fighting techniques. You’ll be begging for your mommy if you even so much as try to hurt me.”

Dimitri was turning away, confident that he had won when suddenly Blue’s fist was connected with his face. He fell to the sand, pulling Caitlyn along with him.

He glared up at Blue. “How dare you strike me, prepare to defend yourself!” He threw Caitlyn away from him and jumped up, taking a ninja style fighting stance.

Blue rolled his eyes. Caitlyn was still lying on the sand and she was still giggling, completely unaware of what was going on above her. “People like you rarely live up to the stories you boast on about.”

Dimitri jumped up in the air and Blue had to restrain himself from laughing out loud. He was leaving himself wide open and Blue took his cue and punched him again, this time leaving the other guy out cold.

He stood there looking for a few moments before helping Caitlyn up. “Come on, let’s go back to the hotel.”

“Okay,” Caitlyn giggled again. “He wasn’t nice was he?”

“No, he wasn’t.” Blue grumbled. “And now you’re pissed.”

“Pissed, I’m pissed,” Caitlyn sang as she nearly fell in the sand again. “What about you, Blue, are you pissed like me?”

“No.” Blue replied shortly as they left the bar behind. They walked in silence for a few minutes; he had to hold her up repeatedly.

“I’m sorry,” Caitlyn suddenly stopped and threw her arms around his neck. “You’re my bestest friend in the whole world, you know that?”

“Yes, and you’re my best friend.” Blue decided to humour her, and as annoyed as he was at the moment, it was nice to have her so close against him.

“My head is spinning so bad right now.” Caitlyn let her head rest on his shoulder. “I’m so dizzy…”

“Well then how about we sit down for a minute.” Blue regretfully pushed her away and sat down in the sand.

“Okay,” Caitlyn plunked herself down next to him. Her dress rode up about four inches and he gulped at the sight of her legs. “What was in that drink?” she muttered to herself.

“He got you drunk, Caty.” Blue replied.

“Drunk…” she repeated, flopping back. “I feel so funny. I’ve never been drunk before.”

“I know.” He said. Caitlyn let out a sigh and leaned up against him with her head on his shoulder.

“I already told you that you’re my bestest friend ever right?” she looked up at him.

“Yes,” Blue said. “And I told you that you’re my best friend as well.”

“Then why are you so angry at me?” Caitlyn pouted as she moved even closer to him.

“I’m not angry at you,” Blue replied, which was only partially true. He was more pissed at the loser who had put them in this position in the first place.

“Yes you are, I can tell.” Caitlyn sat straight up and wagged a finger at him. “You can’t pull one over on me!” She got up unsteadily and tried to walk away over the sand.

“Caty!” He got up and ran towards her as she fell over once more. She had started laughing again and he had a hard stifling his own snickers as he helped her up.

“Blue….” She threw her arms around his neck. “Kiss me!”

“What?” Blue nearly dropped her.

“Kiss me,” Caitlyn pouted. “It’s been so long since I’ve snogged someone.”

“You were snogging that guy before,” Blue pointed out.

“I was?” Caitlyn asked. “He was okay. I’ll bet you’re better at it.”

“Err…” Blue didn’t know what to do. One part of him was jumping at the chance to finally kiss her, and the other was restraining… he knew she was drunk and didn’t want to take advantage of her state. “Come on, Caitlyn, you don’t really want to kiss me.” He pulled away and began walking again.

“Yes I do,” Caitlyn laughed again and wound her arms about his neck once more. She didn’t know why she was struck with the sudden urge to kiss her best friend but it was something she was now dying to do.

Blue nearly fell backwards as she raised herself on her toes and tried to press her lips against his. “Come on, knock it off.” He said as he held her away and tried to being walking again.

“Please, Blue?” Caitlyn pursed her lips as she somehow managed to get in front of him. “Just for a little while,” she said, giggling again.

Blue looked down at her for a few moments. His body was positively screaming out for the touch of her lips at this point. What harm would it do, he wondered, just to live out his dream for a while. He found his face bending down closer to hers, and then his lips brushed hers lightly for a long moment.

Caitlyn pushed harder against his mouth and for a split second all she saw were stars. Then that feeling passed and another washed over her. “Oh no….” she pulled away and covered her mouth with both hands, then turned and retched where they had been sitting.

Blue groaned and covered his face with his hands, running them back through his hair. She was on her knees now, and he gulped and then moved forward to hold her long hair back while closing his eyes.

Caitlyn sat back, wiping her mouth with a trembling hand. “Uhhhh…” she muttered.

“Better?” Blue asked, wincing as he kicked sand over her mess.

“I think so,” Caitlyn replied, still feeling shaky. “Can we just get back to the hotel?”

“Sure.” Blue replied, helping her up. He was angry at himself for giving in to his whim, and it certainly didn’t increase his confidence that she had thrown up after kissing him. They were silent the rest of the way back.

“Where are we?” she muttered, her head lolling back on his shoulder. She had fallen over again when they reached the hotel property and he had lifted her into his arms like she weighed nothing.

“We’re back at your room.” Blue replied. “I’m going to put you on your bed and then…” he trailed off as the door in front of them slid open and Hermione appeared. “Hi…”

“What happened?” Hermione asked briskly.

“She um…” Blue was ashamed of himself for not keeping a better eye on Caitlyn. “We were off talking to different people and this jerk got her pissed.”

Hermione closed her eyes for a long moment. “Will you bring her in here please?” she asked calmly. Blue silently carried his best friend into the room and followed her mother to the bathroom. “I’ll take care of her from here.”

“All right,” Blue replied, setting Caitlyn on her feet. “I’m really sorry.”

“It’s okay, Blue. Thank you for bringing her back safely.” Hermione replied. Blue nodded and left.

Hermione faced her daughter, who was leaning up against the wall with her hand over her eyes. “Come on, Caitlyn, you should get some sleep.”

“I don’t feel so good.” Caitlyn murmured. Hermione stepped forward but Caitlyn turned and rushed to the toilet. She waited until her daughter had emptied her stomach again, and then pressed a cool damp washcloth to her face.

“You’re not going to be feeling so good for quite awhile.” Hermione replied. “Come on, sit down for a moment.” She put the seat down and her daughter slumped upon it. “I’m going to get your pyjamas.”

“Okay,” Caitlyn muttered, rubbing her eyes. She slumped back against the bathtub, holding her throbbing head.

“How are you feeling?” Hermione asked with a slight touch of irritation in her voice. Caitlyn took the pyjamas her mother was holding out to her and struggled to stand up.

“Horrible,” she croaked, pulling the top on over her dress. She stumbled back and Hermione had to catch her and help with the rest of the clothing.

“Why were you drinking Caitlyn?” Hermione asked. “You know better than to have so much alcohol.”

“I didn’t mean to,” Caitlyn muttered. She could feel her mother’s disappointment and she hated it when her mother was angry with her. “There was this guy and he bought me some drinks… I thought it was just Coke.”

“You know what a Coke tastes like.” Hermione said. “You should have been able to tell if there was something else in it.”

“He told me it was just lemon.” Caitlyn replied, putting her hand to her aching forehead

Hermione opened her mouth to say something but shut it before the words came out. Instead she reached out and smoothed her daughter’s hair away from her face. “Come here,” she hugged her daughter. “I won’t lie and say I’m not disappointed, but everyone makes mistakes.”

Caitlyn nodded against her mother’s shoulder, relieved that she wasn’t angry. “I’m really sorry,” she sniffled back her tears.

“I know you are,” Hermione replied. She had half a mind to leave her daughter to experience a hangover, but on the same thought, they were flying back home tomorrow and travelling with a headache like that wouldn’t make things very easy.

“I know I don’t deserve anything… but do you know a spell to make it go away?” Caitlyn asked, still looking down shamefully.

“I do,” Hermione replied. “But I want you to promise me something.”

“Anything,” Caitlyn answered.

“Don’t ever drink like this again, at least not until you’re of age and can handle it better.” Hermione’s tone was firm but gentle.

Caitlyn nodded vigorously, and immediately regretted it. “Ohhh…” she moaned pitifully as she sank down on the closed toilet seat. “Mum please, I’ll do anything you ask… just please…”

Hermione sighed as she stole from the room quietly, although she could have made all the noise she wanted to. Her husband and son could sleep through a hurricane. Snatching the long piece of wood from her bottom dresser drawer, she went back into the bathroom.

Caitlyn was still hunched over in pain and was about to be sick again when she heard her mother mutter a few words, and then nausea subsided and her headache was gone. “Oh Merlin’s Beard Mum… has anyone told you you’re a bloody genius?”

“Yes,” Hermione replied, her arms crossed. “Don’t you forget what you promised me.”

“I won’t.” Caitlyn whispered, looking properly remorseful. “I’ll never drink again.”

“I highly doubt that,” Hermione said, her eyes twinkling with a hint of amusement. “Just don’t drink so much that you can’t handle yourself.” They left the bathroom and crawled into their respective beds.

“Mum?” Caitlyn asked.

“Yes?” Hermione answered.

“Thanks…. I love you,” Caitlyn said.

“I love you too, sweetie,” Hermione smiled into the darkness as they drifted off to sleep.

*** The Next Morning***

“So did you and Blue have fun last night, Caitlyn?” Harry asked as he closed Colin’s suitcase and put it by the door.

“Um…yeah we did,” Caitlyn replied.

“What did you do?” Harry asked interestedly.

“Well, we met some people our age, and we danced,” Caitlyn said. “It was fun.”

“Good.” Harry said as Hermione came out of the bathroom. “Are you ready to go?” he asked his wife.

“I am.” Hermione replied.

“I’m not.” Caitlyn said.

“Well, we’ll go to the lobby and check out,” Harry said. “You come and meet us when you’re finished.”

“All right.” Caitlyn went back to stuffing things randomly into her suitcase. Harry shook his head but fought back a smirk as he, Hermione and Colin left the room.

Ron, Lavender and Blue were already out there, sitting on some sofas. Ron’s eyes brightened when he saw his friend.

“I’m glad you’re here,” he said. “I need your help checking out.”

Harry laughed as he and Ron went up to the front desk, and Hermione went over and put her hand on Blue’s shoulder.

“Blue, can you go help Caitlyn with her suitcase?” she asked. “She’s still packing up the last of her things.”

“Sure,” Blue agreed. Hermione smiled at him and he knew that he was being forgiven for anything she had been angry about the night before. He went back down the corridor to the room and knocked.

“I’m almost ready Dad I swear!” Caitlyn called back.

“It’s me,” Blue replied.

“Oh sorry,” Caitlyn went over to the door and let him in. “I thought you were my father telling me to hurry up again.”

“I can go get him for you,” Blue said, smiling slightly.

“That’s all right you’ll do fine.” Caitlyn replied. They began silently working to stuff everything back into her suitcase. “Listen Blue, about last night….” She bit her lower lip. “Thanks for bringing me back here. I hope I didn’t do anything too embarrassing.”

Blue ducked his head so she couldn’t see his burning face. Caitlyn obviously didn’t remember kissing him the night before. “No, you were fine… once you threw up on the beach.” He regained his usual teasing smile.

Caitlyn’s jaw dropped. “I what?”

“All over the place.” Blue said. “But before that…” he shook his head and she almost pounced on him.

“What?” she shrieked. “What are you hiding?”

“Well… do you remember that strip show you pulled up on the stage while you sang a Celestina Warbeck song?” Blue bit the inside of his cheek to force the grin from his face.

“Shut it, you liar.” Caitlyn replied. “I did nothing of the sort.”

“Yes you did…” Blue said with mock seriousness. She stared up at him in horror and he was unable to keep from laughing.

“You rotting bugger!” she screamed. Caitlyn pushed him away but was unable to keep from laughing herself. “Honestly!”

“Sorry, I had to.” He grinned. “I take it you’re feeling okay then?” Blue shut her suitcase and picked it up.

“Yes, thanks to my mother.” Caitlyn replied, shutting the door behind them. “She promised not to say anything to my father though… he’d be so angry at me.”

“Yeah,” Blue replied, unsure of what else to say. As they joined the others in the lobby and left the hotel, he decided to keep the true events of the night before a secret.

Perhaps one day he’d tell her, but for now it was better to be kept quiet. Blue grinned to himself and touched his bottom lip, remembering how hers and pushed so insistently against it.

It wasn’t something he’d be forgetting anytime soon.


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