Just Beneath

“C’mon, I think I see something over there!” said Jaune Arc, new student at Beacon and partner of Pyrrha Nikos.

Said partner was strolling, almost insouciantly, just behind him. As Pyrrha followed her partner through the bush towards whatever he saw, she took a few moments to examine him. On the surface, it made no sense for an exemplar of Huntresses-in-training to go out of her way to partner with a boy like Jaune Arc.

He was clumsy, awkward, and just all around goofy. There wasn’t anything about him that could be taken even remotely seriously.

All the same, Pyrrha couldn’t help but be drawn to him.

On the surface, he was an awkward boy playing at being an adult. Just beneath said surface, though, she could feel something simmering. She could <em>feel</em> the raw potential he had, untapped for his entire life. His eyes, soft and naive, had a spark that whispered of determination and resolve. His bravado, though nearing arrogance, spoke of a man that did not fear the judgement of others.

Pyrrha stopped her train of thought to ponder on her word choice.

A man? No. He wasn’t a man. Not yet. But she could already tell he would be; and he would be a great one, indeed. Aura never lied.

An Aura was more than just a defensive ability. It was a physical manifestation of one’s soul. The stronger your soul, the more Aura you had. Jaune had a <em>lot</em> of Aura.

Though his ego was unprepared for the harsh dangers ahead, his heart could bear it and more.


If he could even make it to the harsh dangers ahead without breaking his neck, that is.

Pyrrha bent down to grip Jaune’s arm and help him off the ground. The young blond brushed the dirt off the front of his shirt and turned to Pyrrha, a sheepish smile on his face.

“Heh, thanks, Pyrrha,” he said sincerely.

The amazon merely smiled and rubbed his back, silently urging him to continue forward. Jaune took the sign and kept walking forward, seeming as though he hadn’t just tripped and made a fool of himself in front of her.

That was another thing about him, she thought. He never let the little things get to him, and he was always grateful to receive a helping hand. Most other boys would’ve refused her help on account of their masculine pride. Then they would proceed to spend the next several minutes red-faced and pondering what they could do to regain their image. Jaune was the opposite. He always bounced back, unperturbed by trivial embarrassments. It was a quality many women looked for in a man. At least, it was one she looked for.

Pyrrha carefully clamped down on that line of thought and tried to ignore the, suddenly loud, beating of her heart. Now wasn’t the time to get lost in fantasies.

In front of her, Jaune came to a halt and she stopped next to him, gazing upon the cave entrance.

It was quiet for a few moments before Jaune spoke, “Think this is it?”

There was a beat of silence before Pyrrha responded, “It could be…”

The sword-wielding boy seemed to brighten at her answer, “Great! I’ll make us a torch!”

As he set about gathering the materials for a torch, Pyrrha’s gaze turned to settle on him. She knew there was the possibility of this cave also not being what they were looking for, and might even be the cave for a monster of Grim. She knew he would want to search it anyway, however, and she knew she would follow him despite her reservations.

No one else might see the great man he would be someday, but she could; and she wanted to be beside him the whole way. Whether as a friend or something more…she would cross that bridge when she came to it.

8 thoughts on “Just Beneath

  1. iceandfire66 says:

    This is the first J/P story I’ve read too so it probably is the first (at least, since I checked) o.O

    Although short, I think this is a really cute story that was well-written. I very much like how you’ve kept both of them in character, too. Keep it up!

    And can I just say I’m sad that Fanfiction doesn’t recognise either of these two as characters yet D:

  2. Cpt. Paine says:

    Well, well, soldier…

    Now, while I love yuri in “RWBY”, I still like that awesome goof, Jaune. He’s just the kinda guy that’s sort of an idiot, but he’s awesome nonetheless.

    And of course, I totally see the vibes between him and Pyrrha. ๐Ÿ˜€ I think they look pretty good together, and I love how you pulled off Pyrrha’s thoughts on Jaune. That was pretty cute and nice. :3

    Good work!

    Semper-Fi! Carry on!

  3. Duon says:

    Honestly I really liked what you wrote, but I wish that there was more of it. I also agree that with you that it be nice to see more jaunexpyrrha, and I think that if you write some more than it may spark more interest in it. I guess what I’m trying to say is please write more.

  4. Emerald Night 117 says:

    Nice to see people who can actually write a freaking HETERO story in this section. I have no hate for gays. I’ve accepted them as part of my personal reality when it comes to life itself, but I reallly can’t tolerate seeing it in manga, anime, and fanfiction. Like why do I have to accept it here, when I already do outside in the real world?

    Anyway, nice analysis by pyrrha on Jaune. And I’m one of the guys who does think that Jaune will come into his own when time passes, as it does. I mean remember in the current episode what Ms. Goodwitch says? “I don’t care what his resume says, this boy isn’t ready for this kind of combat,” or something along those lines.

    Now lets analyze what this line could mean:

    “I don’t care what his resume says…” To have a resume, one has to have some sort of experience of some sort right? I mean Jaune had to have done SOMETHING to have gotten into Beacon. Now what we need to know is the WHAT.

    Continuing on with that line, it may imply that Jaune never went to a school for his training. Like he said, his sword is a family HEIRLOOM from his great grandfather. Meaning its been passed down for generations, right? So whose to say that Jaune’s family didn’t develop their own fighting style, instead of giving Jaune a fancy weapon? And maybe he was taught by a great mentor or family member whose high up in the hunter/huntress food chain.

    “…he’s not ready for this sort of combat” So what sort of combat is Jaune use to? Against humans? Fauna? These are questions one must answer to come to an conclusion. Was it like combat simulations? Or maybe she means like combat where you can actually lose something should you falter? So many possibilities.

    While I think Glynda may be right in some points, to me she seems to be that strict kind of huntress who doesn’t believe in emotions, on the job, maybe? Or even that a “You-can’t-make-a-joke-about-fighting-” kind of person.

    And then I think about Ozpin’s look to her when she made these statements. I believe he knows more about Jaune than he leads on to.

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