Love and Nature (Chapter 1)

Harry Potter was no natural boy, sure, some boys may enjoy doing homework and hate summer vacation, but that is not what separated him from the others. He is a wizard, but not just any wizard; he is a The Boy Who Lived and the one destined to defeat Voldemort once and for all.

Okay, so your first thought must be, Oh great, another famous jerk that is meant to save the world but probably too selfish to do it. Well, he is nothing like that. Sure, he may be famous, but all he desires is to be a regular boy— Well as regular as a wizard boy can be.

Now you are probably wondering, why is he famous? Well, when Harry was but a year old, he was the one Voldemort went to kill but was unable to. What happened to Voldemort is still a mystery among many. Even the ones who know only have theories but they are the closest they have. Voldemort had not shown his face for a long time— that is until last winter, Voldemort rose back to full power… and beyond. Now, what is so great about this Voldemort person you— “Boy, get down here at once!” Guess I better explain later.

“What is it Uncle Vernon?” A boy— no, a young man asked whilst walking down the stairs to the kitchen. This young man is none other than Harry Potter. As he walked into the kitchen, he noticed his Aunt Petunia was holding a butcher knife swinging it around like a lunatic. She’s lost lit! Harry thought until he noticed what she was trying to hit with the butcher knife.

It was a tiny owl, flying all over the kitchen, screeching and leaving feathers all over the kitchen. This would probably remind you of the scene where King Kong was on top of the Empire State Building trying to swat the planes like flies. This was not just any little owl though; it was an owl with a mission, a mission to deliver a message from his master to the target. The owl’s name is— “PIG!” Harry almost shouted

“Are you blind boy? This is an owl! What has that-that school been teaching you?!” Vernon screamed at his nephew. Harry just ignored him, snatched Pig right out of the air with his Quidditch Seeker speed, and ran up the stairs as fast as he could before Vernon could shout at him any more.

All these years, the Dursleys thought they had kept the secret of having a nephew living within their house. What they did not know was that their house was not sound proof. Their shouts and screams were always heard from the neighbors. The Masons were a brave couple to even step into their house and try to find out what was causing all the commotion.

Even though Harry was out of sight, Vernon still shouted and screamed at the thought of magi… the “M” word nonsense happened in his home. Harry stepped into his room, and found 2 other owls along side of Hedwig. One of the accompanying owls carried an envelope with the Hogwarts Crest embedded on the seal. The other owl carried yet another envelope with a very neat calligraphy addressing towards him; he was guessing the one with calligraphy was from Hermione.

He opened the letter from Hogwarts first (A/n: I am not in a hurry if you are wondering why I wrote the letter for this story).

Dear Mr. Potter

Please note that the new school year will begin on September the first. The Hogwarts Express shall leave from King’s Cross Station, platform nine and three-quarters, at eleven o’clock.
I would like to congratulate and inform you that you have been chosen to be a Gyrffindor Prefect. You along with 2 other Gryffindors and 3 of each other houses are also Prefect. Please get to know them and try not to make a bad impression for the younger students you aboard the Prefect’s compartment, which happens to be just behind the conductors.

As a Prefect, you are to set a prime example to the younger students and keep them out of trouble. You are given the privilege to deduct points to their houses if they disobey you or the rules. There shall be prefect meetings every Wednesday and your patrol time shall be decided then.

While you are in the Prefects Compartment, you shall be discussing with your fellow Gryffindor Prefects on what the password for the Gryffindor House should be. Afterwards, you shall discuss with every Prefect for the password of the Prefect’s Bathroom.

A list of books for next year is enclosed.

Yours sincerely,

Professor M. McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

Harry read and reread the letter in astonishment. He, Harry Potter, one of the biggest pranksters in school of their generation, was a Prefect. He wondered whom his fellow Prefects are, for the letter did not mention the names of the other Prefects.

He let the Hogwarts owl off for it showed signs of annoyance towards Pig, who was now zooming around the room, knocking over lamps and other furniture. Hedwig gave a disapproving hoot to the undignified owl that was causing havoc among her master’s room. Harry noticed this and decided to read Ron’s letter before Hedwig and the owl Hermione used would go hunt Pig down and eat him like a rodent prey.

Dear Harry,

Hey, can you believe it? Mum asked Professor Dumbledore if you could stay at the Burrow for the last two weeks of summer. Mum and Dad are really ecstatic; they haven’t seen you since the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Harry felt a pang of guilt enter him as thoughts of Cedric Diggory; a fine 7th year was murdered because of him. (A/n: That is how Harry feels, I do not believe Cedric died because of him)

So how are you? Have the Muggles been treating you right? Well, better make it brief; Pig is probably driving you and Hedwig off your rockers. Send reply through Pig to see if your relatives allow you to come over. If they don’t… we’ll do what we did in our second year and break you out once again. We will come at 3 in the afternoon of August 18th so you can have dinner with us.

Hermione couldn’t come by the way, I owled her beforehand and she says, “I am too good for you. I have to get ready to be a Prefect and set a good example. I read my 500th book on being a Hogwarts Prefect and need to read more.” Okay, she did not say that exactly, but I know she was implying it.

Best mates forever,


P.S. Bill is coming over and Ginny is sleeping over the house of a friend of hers.

Harry’s guilt was quickly forgotten for the moment and quickly grabbed a quill and parchment.

Dear Ron,

Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia would be more than happy to kick me out of the house. It is the usual with: “Do the laundry”, “Mow the lawn”, “Cook dinner”, the list goes on! I can’t wait to get out of here, on second thought, I better tell my Uncle about it or he would go nutters if he all of the sudden saw Wizards walking up his porch.

Friends forever,


As Harry finished the letter, he felt something missing. He shrugged it off, gave the letter to Pig, and sent the little owl on its merry way. “Sorry to keep you waiting,” Harry said to the last owl that held Hermione’s letter.

Dear Harry,

How have you been doing? I am sorry I couldn’t come to the burrow, but I needed to research some things about being a Prefect. Can you believe it? I am a Prefect! I wonder who the other Prefects are, the list did not mention who the others were. Oh well, that does not matter at this moment. I am guessing Ron insulted my reading hobby in his letter did he not? Ugh! I don’t understand why that boy doesn’t grow up and just accept the fact that I like to read!

Just last month, I went to Bulgaria to visit Viktor. The library there is HUMONGUS, you should see it. Oh, there I go again, rambling even though it is written on a letter. I missed you two lots over the summer and hope to see you both in Diagon Alley, if not, Platform Nine and three quarters.

With lots of love,


Harry laughed, now he knew who, other than himself, is a Gryffindor Perfect. He picked up his quill once again and pulled out a new piece of parchment.

Dear Hermione,

I have been doing okay, exception of the slave work though. I am sure we can manage without you this summer, though I will be awkward being a duo instead of the trio. Oh, and yes, Ron did some snotty remark /don’t tell him though/ but don’t worry, I am sure he meant it in a nice way.

It sounded like you had lots of fun in Bulgaria. He did treat you right didn’t he? If he didn’t, have no fear, Ron and I will curse him back to the renaissance.

You are a Prefect? Wow, not to sound mocking and all, but I knew you would make it. I wonder who the other Prefects are too *wink-wink*. Well, I guess we *wink-wink* will find out at the Prefects compartment.



Harry reread his letter for any spelling and grammar corrections; wow, Hermione’s perfectionist ways are rubbing off on him. He finally decided it was good and handed the owl his letter. “Sorry to keep you waiting,” he repeated; the owl nibbled his hand affectionately and flew off into the sky. Harry watched it fly away before he dealt with his Aunt and Uncle. He knew they would let him go, but he also knew they would give him a hard time about it. He gave one last sigh before going to face hell.

Just as Harry predicted, Vernon did allow him to go, however he made Harry do twice as many chores he had before. With the extra chores, Harry felt the day he would leave Number Four Privet Drive soon enough. He had several lucky breaks when old Mrs. Figg asked for his assistance. Luckily enough, it was just checking if the TV was working, strange job, but Mrs. Figg always seemed odd. So he ended up just watching TV and taking a break the whole day twice a week. This made the wait more bearable.

Finally, August 18th came, and the Weasleys were to come any minute. Harry paced around the living room. Expecting them to come through the fireplace. The doorbell rang and Harry ignored it, and continued pacing. Dudley went to answer the door and regretted it as soon as he saw who was outside. He practically slammed the door on Mr. Weasley’s face and ran to his room for refuge, holding his bottom at the same time.

Harry then opened the door, “Good afternoon Mr. Weasley,” he said with a radiant smile. It was a good afternoon indeed, the sky was almost cloudless, the birds were happily chirping, the sun was bright, the temperature was just right, and the breeze keep them cool and refreshed.

“Good afternoon Harry, do you have everything ready and packed?” Mr. Weasley smiled back. Harry showed him his suitcase and pointed at the sky towards Hedwig who was exercising her wings. “Okay, the car is right there.” The car Mr. Weasley pointed at was a red mustang convertible; it was a real beauty from the looks outside. Harry could only imagine how magic could change a muggle car. However, he felt rather guilty that is first thought was how the Weasleys could afford this car. “It was a gift from the Ministry since the first one was destroyed,” Mr. Weasley said rather sheepishly and helped Harry put his suitcase in the trunk. They got on the car and with a roar of the engine; they became invisible and took off.

Harry once in a while stuck out his hand not to signal where he was so Hedwig could follow them, but to give Hedwig a chance to rest from flying for hours. After flying for three hours straight Hedwig grew tired, and so she used the rest of her energy to catch up to Harry’s arm. She was just about to grip onto his arm just when she lost all energy and fell behind. “Hedwig!” Harry shouted and tried to make a grab for her but missed. As he stuck his head out of the car, he saw Hedwig fall towards Earth through the clouds without the strength to fly. “No…” He whispered to himself, then of a sudden, a great gust of wind blew from where Hedwig had fell to where the car was.

“Oh no, there is turbulence!” Mr. Weasley shouted, complete oblivious to Harry loosing his owl. Harry ignored the wind, in fact, he hardly felt the wind at all, it was as if they were one. The next thing Harry noticed was a big feather ball was soaring and screeching while being blown towards Harry’s hand. It was Hedwig; the wind had blown his trusty owl right towards his hand. “Whew that was close, with that strong turbulence, you’d probably think there was a hurricane or something. Are you okay Harry?”

Harry quickly took her into the car and began to stroke his faithful owl. “Yes, I am alright, and Hedwig is recovering,” Harry shivered; he almost lost another thing that was closest to his heart. After an hour or so, they arrived at the burrow.


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