Love and Nature (Chapter 2)

Harry was still shaken up at the close loss of his loyal owl he received as a 11th birthday present from Hagrid, the gamekeeper of Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As he got off, the entire Weasley family other than Mr. Weasley and Charlie ran from the house and gave him a group hug. After a few failed times, he managed to choke out, “Can’t breathe”.

They finally all let go of him and gave him room to breathe. They all gave him a warm smile that a loving family always gives and Harry couldn’t help but return. After Harry caught his breath, he made a gesture for a hug, which the Weasleys gladly gave.

They remained that way until Mrs. Weasley remembered there a roasted chicken to tend to. She excused herself from the joyous occasion and went back into the house to the kitchen; Ginny, Fred, and George to continue with their daily activities closely followed her.

“Well, there is no point in staying out here much longer. Ron, why don’t you and I carry Harry’s items to the Guest’s Room?” Mr. Weasley opened the trunk and pulled out Harry’s luggage.

Harry nearly tripped at the word “Guest’s Room”. He gave Ron a questioning look. “Dad got a raise for working and got ‘Employee of the Month’. It really helped this family out wonders!” Ron said and tugged on some of Harry’s bags, and headed for the house.

“You really don’t have to Mr. Weasley…” Harry started.

“Nonsense Harry, you are like a family to us. Besides, I am sure the Dursleys have worked you hard enough. Bill, would you come and lend us a hand?” The eldest Weasley took a few bags as well and followed Ron inside.

Mr. Weasley closed the trunk and carried the rest of the luggage, then headed for the house as well. Harry was before too preoccupied with the Weasley Family Group Hug to notice the changes with the house. It was three times as large as before, he also noticed several extensions so the left of the house. The house from the outside view all in all was quite plain— well, as plain as a wizarding house can be.

As they entered the house, Mr. Weasley was practically beaming. Inside was all beautifully lighted. The curtains all waved in different colors and the furniture gave an earthy feeling. The stairs kept changing directories like Hogwarts, and there were the usual booms and bangs from Fred and George’s room. Finally, after almost 2 months of being mistreated, Harry felt home.

While Harry was busy looking around, his luggage had already made its destination to the Guest’s Room. “Harry! You room is all set!” Bill called from the balcony. After the 10 minutes of being at the Burrow, Harry finally noticed Bill’s changes. He still kept the fang earring, but cut his hair. He was still taller than Ron, which is a surprise, for Ron was growing taller than most of his siblings. Bill was 6’1 while Ron was 5’11.

After looking through 4 rooms, Harry finally found where the Guest’s Room was. Ron was “testing” the bed’s softness. Bill and Mr. Weasley were looking around the room checking if there could be any improvements. The room itself was no larger than the Hogwarts Dorms, but Harry isn’t going to complain, no matter the size; the room was perfect.

“Yeah, it’s not much…” Ron said, taking a break from jumping on the bed and starred at the floor.

“Ron, this is so far, the best room I have ever seen. I haven’t even seen your rooms yet!” Harry said with a grin so large it put the Cheshire cats to shame. This brought the 3 redheads’ spirits up.

There was a moment of silence when they gave Harry a new tour of the Burrow. It was however interrupted when Ron’s stomach gave a huge growl demanding with hunger. Fortunately before Ron could complain, Mrs. Weasley called them down for dinner and they left for the kitchen.

“It smells really great Mrs. Weasley!” Harry said as everybody entered the Kitchen.

“Oh please Harry, saying Mrs. Weasley makes me feel so old, you may call me Molly from now on. Besides, you are like family to us, I probably wouldn’t mind if you called me mom.” Molly smiled as she placed the food on the dinner plate.

“I have to agree with Molly. Calling me Mr. Weasley makes me feel like I’m in my 60s. I would rather appreciate it if you start calling me Arthur.”

The dinner was going very well, there was mashed potatoes, stringed beans, salad, steak, and of course the Roasted Chicken. Every once in a while, the Weasley twins would make some joke that would cause everybody to spit out the food they were chewing; everybody with the exception of Percy and Molly.

“Oy! Harry, did we mention? The joke shop is still in construction; it should not be long after next year till the store is in full go. We have the plans all set up, and as being our sponsor, we insist on giving you 20% of our profit! It is the least we can do as a thank you for giving us such a generous donation.” George said gratefully.

“Cheers to Harry!” Fred called and held his cup in the air and the others followed in suit.

Molly heard about the joke shop enough. In her opinion, she’d rather have the twins work in the Ministry with Percy and Arthur or at least a decent job like Bill and Charlie’s. “Bill, you are not getting any younger, have you found a decent young girl yet?” She said trying to change the subject from the joke shop.

“Yes mum, her name is Rebecca. We have been going out for about a month now.” Bill forced a smile while turning several shades of red. Sometimes he just wished that Molly would just butt out of his love life.

“Well, I hope she is better than the one before,” Molly said sternly.

“She is mum! Please, just let me—” ^Why can’t she just let me be?!^ Bill thought

“Oh, that is what you said about Ashley, I better go see for my—“ Molly interrupted Bill, but was interrupted herself, for there was a large earthquake that just started shaking up!

Everybody quickly ducked under the table… all except Bill who remained shaking in fury. It would be as if Bill was shaking the entire ground along with his anger. Bill remained blind of his surroundings by anger. Plates of food were falling to the floor, pictures were falling off the hinges, and everybody was screaming, well, everybody but Bill. After another half minute of shaking, Bill finally snapped out of his trance and noticed the shaking around him. Everything stopped shaking that vary moment along with him.

“I’ll go check it out,” Bill said and he left the dining room as quick as possible.

Molly looked around; she could not believe the havoc that has come among the beautiful dinner she had made. She had slaved over the oven for hours just so Harry’s welcome would be more comfortable, and now it was all ruined. She tried to fight the tears that were shoving their way through her eyelids. Soon she lost control and began weeping.

“Um… Kids, you are excused…” Arthur waved them away and tried to comfort his wife. The Weasley kids never saw Molly this vulnerable, and Arthur does not want them to see her this way.

Ginny gave one confused look and went to her room. Harry and Ron on the other hand went outside to follow Bill. No one should be alone if that earthquake was caused by magic. There has been no chant, incantation, or spell that has been known to be able to do such a thing.

“Do you think it was You-Know-Who that did that?” Ron questioned. He shuddered at the thought of Voldemort shaking the Hogwarts walls and tearing it down.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if he did. Who knows how far Voldemort’s power extends to? However, if he does posses such ability, why wouldn’t he have used it sooner to destroy the Ministry or Hogwarts?”

“Don’t give him any ideas!” Ron said clamping his hand on Harry’s mouth and looked around.

“Mmff, mmm mfff mMMmm Mfffmmfff,” Harry spat on Ron’s hand.

“Eww! What did you say?” Ron wildly shook his hand that was full of spit.

“I said you are getting paranoid Ron… Where is Bill? He couldn’t have went off that far,” Harry looked around the block. There was no sign of any tall redhead other than Ron.

“He probably headed back, no wait! There he is, he is heading for the library!” Harry could not see Bill, but followed Ron anyways to the public library.

Indeed Bill had entered the library, but what for? Did it have something to do with the Earthquake they felt not long ago. Once Harry and Ron entered the library, there showed no signs of Bill anywhere.

“Ron, are you sure you were not just seeing things? Why would Bill go to this muggle library anyways?” Harry scanned around; there was no sign of him once again. Ron however ignored him and dragged him to a deserted section of the library.

There Ron pulled out his wand, and with it, he tapped the farthest brick on the lower right next to the bookshelf, he then tapped the 4 bricks above and tapped them again starting from the top. The wall itself began to ripple like it was made of water. Ron stepped inside; it was similar to the barrier of Platform 9 and 3/4, Harry then followed in suit.

“This is the Wizarding Library, all public muggle libraries have portals to here,” Ron said with his nose up in the air.

“Ron, if I did not know any better, I would say Hermione’s tone is rubbing off on you,” Harry laughed.

“Sod off Potty,” Ron smirked a Malfoy smirk.

“Sure Weasel,” Harry retorted.

“Now, now, you two should not fight, this is a library after all,” someone softly said behind them. Behind them was Bill with square glasses; this was more of how Harry first imagined him to be like.

“Back to the dork stage, eh Bill? Or should I say, classic Bill?” Ron laughed.

Bill crossed his eyes, “If this was our house, you would be down on the floor begging for mercy before you can say Lavender.” Bill smirked as the look of horror that has come from Ron’s face.

^Lavender? Lavender Brown of the Gryffindor house? Ron fancies her?^ Harry thought, he then shook it off. It was none of his business anyways.

“What do you have there Bill?” Ron asked speaking for both him and Harry.

“Not that it is any of your business, but it is a book on how the ancient wizards once believed Nature to be.” Bill explained, though he seemed to be trying to hide a certain part to it,

“Can I see it?” Harry asked with much curiosity.

“Now whom is Hermione’s habits rubbing off on? OW!” Harry hit Ron in the arm with more strength that he planned to.

“I don’t see the harm in letting you take a look…” Bill handed the book, Nature and Spirits, to Harry.

In Medieval Times, the Wizards once believed there were 5 powerful Wizards known as Elemental Spirits or Guardians of the Elements. 4 of which each control 1 specific element: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. The fifth Spirit can control all of the elements, but have less effect on each element then the original Elemental Spirit. It is rumored that the Fifth Spirit is stronger than any of the other 4 Spirits alone.

There has never been more than one noted certain element Spirit in a lifetime. As soon as a Spirit dies, their abilities are passed on to either a descendent, if not, a random person. The latest known Spirits were none other than Gordic Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, Salazar Slytherin, and Merlin the Magnificent (anyone know his last name?). Greg Gryffindor, Naomi Nemi, Renee Rowan, and Sean Slytherin, the first only known heirs of Spirits have shown no sign of the powers that were passed on to them. However the founders of Hogwarts claim they have gained their abilities from their family line, all but Slytherin who claims his abilities were never among his family line.

More rumored opinions state that if Spirits have the same heir, one of the two powers shall be transferred to another by random. The powers are however not transferred until the former spirit dies. After the heirs of the founders showed no signs of controlling nature, witches and wizards began to search for the people the powers have most likely transferred to. With all the commotions, the witches and wizards began asking Muggles that led the Muggles the suspicion there were Witches that would eat children out in the world.

Over the ages, no one has showed signs of these legendary powers. It is beginning to grow suspicion that there were no such powers to begin with, since there is no present proof the founders and Merlin ever had such abilities such as: shaking the mountains, causing strong unimaginably strong gusts of winds, incinerate forests in a blink of an eye, and dry lakes in no time at all. More information on Spirits’ abilities on page 709.

“Why are you looking at this book? Do you suspect someone to be a Spirit?” Harry questioned.

“Can we move to a more secretive place?” Bill asked, looking to the sides. They walked to a deserted section of the wizarding library. “All right, I’m am getting a feeling that I-I am an Earth Spirit!”

Ron roared in laughter that was quickly muffled to silence by Bill. “You’re joking right? I mean, you? An Earth Spirit? HAHAHA!” Ron started laughing again and Bill blushed. “Wait, you’re serious?! That is great… My brother… an Earth Spirit…” Ron said with a slight hint of jealousy.

“Hmm… I think there might be a possibility that I might be a Air Spirit…” Harry said rather hesitant, keeping his eyes to the book.

“Why do you say that?” Bill questioned.

“Well, it says Air Spirits have the ability to summon strong gusts of winds… When I was in Arthur’s new car with Hedwig flying close behind, Hedwig grew tired and fell. I hoped for some miracle that Hedwig would be safe, and then a strong gust of wind blew FROM the clouds UPWARDS and sent Hedwig back. When the wind blew, Arthur mentioned something about a huge turbulence when I couldn’t feel the wind at all.” Harry turned rather pink, “I know, just my imagination.”

“Harry, think of moving the air around you.” Bill instructed. A small refreshing breeze began to blow.

“Where did that comes from? There is no window near here; there is no way unless… Harry, you caused the breeze!” Ron shouted and started jumping up and down like a little kid that is presented a wawwy pop

“Ron! Shut up! If any one hears, worse, if You-Know-Who hears this, you can expect that we will not be talking freely or talking at all in an hour!” Bill tried his best not to shout so his lines were sent in a line of hisses.

‘^-^` Meanwhile ‘^-^`

“Lord Voldemort!” A balding man stepped up to the throne room.

“What is it Wormtail? You can praise me when I am not napping.” Voldemort, a man with a snake like head, waved his hand lazily and slowly drifted back to sleep.

“Master, it is not that. Our sources say they have located 2 of the legendary Spirits.” Wormtail stepped back some. He knows what happens when his Lord is bothered with news he already knows. This, however, caught his Lord’s attention.

“I know Potter is a Spirit, how can he not for being the Heir of Gryffindor,” Wormtail took more steps backward, “However, whom is this other 2 Spirits you mentioned of?”

“A fried of Potter’s my Lord, his name is Bill Weasley. I heard it with my own ears that he is an Earth Spirit. I rushed as fast as I could to deliver you this information.” Wormtail awaited his reward, which unfortunately, or fortunately, never came.

“Is the other Spirit you know of Potter? If so, be gone! Don’t waste my precious time with your nonsense!” Voldemort yelled.

“S-sir, the other Spirit we know of has been to H-Hogwarts. Young Malfoy mentioned the lake of Hogwarts dis-disappearing and reappearing as if nothing happened. The reason for his tardiness is because he was not sure whether he was ha-hallucinating.” Wormtail trembled; he feared Harry might have been the Spirit that has done such a thing. After all, Harry needed to get to the prisoners of the Mermen in his 3rd task in the Triwizard Tournament, and it would not have been such a radical thinking to just drain the lake and get to the prisoners.

“Hmmm… So Potter is more of Ravenclaw’s Heir? That leaves the essence of Merlin, Hufflepuff, and *Spit* Gryffindor to find. Leave now and bring more details to me now! Bring me the information I seek and you shall be greatly rewarded!” Voldemort smirked, to get most hard-working servants is to set a goal. If he could just get at least one other Spirit to work for him, he shall be undefeatable!

“Y-yes my Lord!” Wormtail could barely conceal his glee and left in a hurry.


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