Duel of the Fates

Fighting through the battle around them was no easy task, especially with the heavily armored bodies of the knights falling just about everywhere, along with the bodies of her soldiers.

Takafumi had went off somewhere else during the chaos, and she could only hope quietly that the Orochi would survive the battle unscathed. But for now, she had a order of business to settle with the one that started this mess in the first place, the one that she swore would make her regret ever leaving her alive in the Myre to see another day. Continue reading “Duel of the Fates” »


Claude Os, Aperi Oculos!

Silence. The only thing that made sound was the gentle breeze and light crackle of the dying fire. Rouge, bard, cleric, wizard… they were all asleep or in their species’ equivalent. Roy Greenhilt was sitting next to the fire, sipping a warm mug of coffee and watching the night with a quiet yet wary gaze.

A little halfling crept silently through the camp, indistinguishable from the world around them. He was only wearing thin sleeping clothes, a green traveling cloak tossed haphazardly on his back to keep the night chill from touching him. His feet were bare and negotiated the grassy ground easily, used to far more painful terrains. Continue reading “Claude Os, Aperi Oculos!” »


Dragon Slayer

In the street of the small town of Fairy Tail, a crowd gathered. Children, adolescents, adults; people of all ages stood around in a circle. In the center of this crowd, there was a fire-breather with bright pink hair, who wore a raggedy brown tunic, splattered with mud and covered with scratches. He was known as “Salamander”. He had the ability to spit out fire in all different shapes and sizes, using his magnificent flames to portray a story of a courageous knight defeating a vicious dragon. Continue reading “Dragon Slayer” »


Harry Potter and the First Sage (8. Scar)

‘Fifth year.’ Harry thought while running through a drill Balthazzar had set up, “Maybe the end of forth year. Yeah, that kiss on the cheek was what did it or maybe when she hugged me and told me I was a great wizard and that I was brave during our first year and I blew it. We’ll probably snog for a few months then she’ll get tired of me, and I’ll lose not only a girlfriend by my best friend too, Merlin I’ve blew it,” He thought out loud before yelping at Balthazzar’s cane hitting hard on his knee. Continue reading “Harry Potter and the First Sage (8. Scar)” »


Harry Potter and the First Sage (7. Hermione’s ‘Dream’)

Days turned to Weeks, and Weeks turned to months, and it was now December, and Hermione and Ron hadn’t heard anything from Harry and Sirius since Sirius said he was taking Harry to try to get his magic back. To say they were worried was an understatement. Hermione especially.

“Hermione, please.” Ron pleaded, “You have to eat!” Ron pleaded shoving a bowl of soup across to her in the dinning hall. “You don’t eat like you should, you think Harry would want you getting sick?” Continue reading “Harry Potter and the First Sage (7. Hermione’s ‘Dream’)” »


Harry Potter and the First Sage (6. The First Sage)

It was after dark on Privet Drive, as a man in a long dark cloak made his way to the Dursley home. He finally made it to the door and knocked on the door. Dudley came to the door and looked at the cloaked figure.

“Father told me to tell you we paid at the office!” Dudley snapped and started to slam the door. Continue reading “Harry Potter and the First Sage (6. The First Sage)” »


Harry Potter and the First Sage (5. Petunia’s Past)

“What’s all the ruckus up here?” Aunt Petunia asked walking back into the room, “Have you finished your snack yet, dear, would you like more?”

“N-No ma’am,” Harry stuttered looking up, “But may I ask you a question?”

“Of course, Harry.” Petunia said with a smile. Continue reading “Harry Potter and the First Sage (5. Petunia’s Past)” »


Harry Potter and the First Sage (4. Draco’s Secret)

A few days later …

Hermione slowly drug herself out of Prof. McGonagall’s class with the same depressed look she’s had since Harry left. “Hermione!” a voice called from behind her. She turned and watched Lavender run up to her, “Feeling any better?” She asked concernedly. Continue reading “Harry Potter and the First Sage (4. Draco’s Secret)” »