Hogsmeade Pizza (8. A Night for Firsts)

Hermione had her arms wrapped around Harry’s middle as he descended them down near the vacation home he had been checking out for his father. It was cold, the wind nipped at her exposed nose and cheeks, so she buried her face in Harry’s back. During the past few weeks they had begun seeing each other, almost four already, she had grown to love how he smelled, a woodsy pine that reminded her of being outdoors. Continue reading “Hogsmeade Pizza (8. A Night for Firsts)” »


Hogsmeade Pizza (7. Bathroom Duties)

Henry had put a classical station on, and the music poured from the WWN through the house. Lavender had agreed to help out that evening while he finished up some important plans for his next house he was constructing.

“Good!” Lavender smiled at Lori, who had just finished brushing her teeth and smiled widely at her. She helped the child jump down from the step next to her sink and Lori hopped into her room while Lavender grabbed a brush from the counter. Continue reading “Hogsmeade Pizza (7. Bathroom Duties)” »


Hogsmeade Pizza (6. Crystal Ball)

Hermione stretched her legs on top of her comforter as memories of last night rushed through her mind. She brought her index finger to her lower lip and ran it across it slowly, remembering the feel of Harry’s mouth on hers.

“Oh man, I’ve got it bad…” she grinned and sighed, getting out of bed and stretching again. She pulled off her nightshirt and tossed it aside, pulling on some fresh clothing from her closet. Continue reading “Hogsmeade Pizza (6. Crystal Ball)” »


Hogsmeade Pizza (5. Italian Food)

Hermione gasped and slammed the door shut. “What is he doing here?” she asked herself frantically. She pressed her hands to the side of her face, realizing what she had just done.

“I’m sorry!” She yanked open the door again. Harry wore a stunned expression on his face that quickly turned into a quite endearing smile. “Um…hi.” She forced a smile onto her face and tried to regain her composure. Continue reading “Hogsmeade Pizza (5. Italian Food)” »


Hogsmeade Pizza (4. Discussions of Love)

Lavender and Jane jogged up the front steps to their modest house, which was off the main street in Hogsmeade. Lavender held the door open for her aunt, who thanked her and headed inside.

“Hermione?” Jane called up the stairs, pulling off her sweatshirt and hanging it on a hook by the stairs. “Are you home?” Continue reading “Hogsmeade Pizza (4. Discussions of Love)” »


Hogsmeade Pizza (2. Hogsmeade Pizza)

“Watch out!” Hermione cried as Lavender almost beaned her across the head with a pizza dish. “I don’t have eyes in the back of my head you know!”

“Sorry!” Lavender called out as she whisked across the restaurant, placing the dish down on a table. “Anything else you need?” she asked her customers, who shook their heads and thanked her. “Enjoy!” she said as she turned and went back to the kitchen. Continue reading “Hogsmeade Pizza (2. Hogsmeade Pizza)” »


Hogsmeade Pizza (1. The Wedding that Almost Was)

Susan Bones closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths. She willed her body to relax and make her heartbeat go back down to it’s normal rate.

“Susan…calm down!” Hermione Granger adjusted the neckline of her bridesmaid’s gown so it laid lower on her shoulders. “You’re getting married, not walking down death bloody row!” Continue reading “Hogsmeade Pizza (1. The Wedding that Almost Was)” »