At the Deepest of Desires

When I say my wish …

Once again Chara had landed here. At the cave, thousands of small stones sparkling, like stars. Quietly you could hear the waterfall rushing. It was fresh here, but she could not feel the cold for a long time. She walked cautiously and silently through the great cave. There lay the Tutu, which the last man left behind in Waterfall. Chara had seen the girl fight, had seen it hopelessly to lose Undyne, had seen it die. Six souls had seen them escaping from the dead bodies, none of them strong enough to survive, as well as they themselves did not. Continue reading “At the Deepest of Desires” »


Karl-Ruprecht Kroenen’s Little Dissecting Party

K. R. Kroenen had never been the type of sentimentality, empathy, or even romanticism, and for this reason he always found an unpleasant surprise in the post.
He sighed dully through the gas mask and threw the perfumed paper into the wood stove before he sneaked into the chair to read a book. It crunched as he placed his considerable booty on the cushion, maybe it was time again to change the sand. Continue reading “Karl-Ruprecht Kroenen’s Little Dissecting Party” »



Once again he came home, exhausted by a long hard night.

One night, apparently, had only consisted of maneuvering Archie from one end of town to the other, just because his partner, who had muttered somewhere in the back of the ship, had noticed that there were criminals, extortionists, rapists, pimps they did not.
It seemed to him as if he had torn the wheel all night long, just to take a new direction, which his masked partner pretended. Continue reading “Nostalgia” »


Insults for the Boss

It was very quiet on the nemesis. The corridors lay in a marvelous silence, and nowhere was a Decepticon to be seen. And how was it, for the whole crew had assembled in the command center and squeezed around a table to attend the event there.
Four Decepticons had sat at the table and looked suspiciously. Soundwave had discovered a card game of the meatballs, on which Megatron immediately showed great interest. So they sat here: Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave and Barricade, each with 5 cards in the hand. This card game called poker. Continue reading “Insults for the Boss” »


Destiny – The Truth

A small foal that lies in the cradle and opens its eyes for the first time in life. He looks at his parents, who are overjoyed at him, and begins to squeal joyfully.
The first steps. The first encounter with the girlfriends. A beautiful game section on the meadow, joyfully shrieking, trying to catch. Enrollment.
The life is wonderful, is not it?
Then, blackness. In fractions, you can still see just how the otherwise picturesque, clear sky, immersed in a beautiful sunset, turns pitch black and the young ponies panick the only path they know: the home. Continue reading “Destiny – The Truth” »


Opposites Attract

“Emo!” “Vampire!” “Schwuchtel!” – all of these were things Marshall Lee was called upon as he headed over the schoolyard to the exit of the school’s ground I’m not sure if it’s true, but I’m not sure if it’s true , and then he had arrived at home, and Marshall lived there alone with his great sister, Marceline, and after the parents had died, and no nursing family had been found, the reverence of his great sister was handed over to him but he did not really take it seriously, opened the squeaky garden gate and stepped onto the stones in the garden, the sun practically making it into grills, so he had to hurry. Continue reading “Opposites Attract” »


Crux Uchiha

Hello everyone who read this.
Whether you, Kiyoshi, or you, Haruko read this first. Perhaps someone also reads these lines, which I do not know, respectively knew. I write this down here to arrange my thoughts, my memories. In order not to lose my memories partly again. My life had innumerable small and great ups and downs. It is really strange how exactly I remember some things. In many places I will probably still have to get help, from the most diverse people. I will probably have to ask for an audience with the Hokage … Well. I begin with the mission that first changed me. Continue reading “Crux Uchiha” »


The Suffering of a Young Mechanic

“You really helped me a lot. Thank you, Wendy, “said the old lady, who just hugged the young mechanic.

Wendy smiled contentedly and returned the embrace. If their customers were satisfied, it was a very fulfilling feeling.

“I liked to do it. It will take some time for you to get used to your new leg prosthesis, “Wendy continued, looking at her finished work again. The old lady had scraped up all her savings to finally be able to afford a prosthesis. Although Wendy knew that she could not do her work for nothing, and that the woman had much too little money, she had given the woman a generous discount. It was probably because she reminded her of her own grandmother.

Continue reading “The Suffering of a Young Mechanic” »